What is in Age ? It’s not too late !

Tell me not in mournful numbers, life is but an empty dream, For the soul is dead that slumbers, and things are not what they seem.

AGE DOESN’T MATTER UNLESS YOU ARE A CHEESE….This famous quote gives lot of encouragement to me whenever I try to do something new….at a later stage in my life. I ask myself, have I missed the boat?

Am I too old for this? Not convinced I change my thinking and just by doing that I find myself growing. Aging is one process which cannot be denied but the bigger question is How we are aging ? Would you like to age well ? Is age just a number or does it merely act as a mental block? Which in turn brings dilemma in life or may be an escapist attitude for those who let these categorical assumptions on a chronological number affect their life.

Indeed age is an issue which has been over talked,hyped and commercialized by cosmetic companies to sell their anti-aging products to those people fearful to get first wrinkle on their face. The fading physical charm and wrinkles should not kill our spirit to live – for human spirit is ageless. Age is just a number and happy people know this for sure. Like when my father learnt music and started performing on the stage at ripe old age of 62 and my mother learnt computers to clear her first on-line exam too at 59, made me realize that it’s never too late in life to hone your skills.

Expanding my blog to my friends which was earlier a platform to interact with students is an attempt to breakout of mould due to sheer inspiration from dear ones. One of the many notions about aging prevailing in society is that a woman has her best physical years and greater productivity before thirty. However, contrary to popular belief I feel that there is a greater potential and positivity in aging.

When I was in 20s I was full of energy, restless, impatient and prone to ego clashes. Getting old was my worst nightmare. As I approached 30s, I was fitter,wiser,more confident and of course mature.  Now when I am ready to touch 40 I am on a path towards inner happiness and contentment. I feel stronger,more creative and at peace with my self. Age has not really been a deterrent when it comes to enjoying the brimming cup of life.

I am celebrating my present phase, where I enjoy road trips with my family with same excitement as during my childhood days. Infact my two grown up sons bubbling with energy make  me relive my younger days. I freak out in parties with friends as usual, run after my naughty brats, work hard and party harder. I have lived some of my best moments of life during our stay in North-East where I trekked forests, explored waterfalls, sang and danced with Naga tribes during festivals, tasted varieties of wine including rice and ginger and got sloshed too, climbed mountains, travelled like crazy…….never found myself tired or lacking stamina – touch wood !!! I met some young couples who were not so enthusiastic about sight seeing and trekking as they found it tiresome .What a waste of youth I will say… 

Exploring in the woods
Exploring in the woods

I thank God to bless me with a life partner who shares same excitement and wisdom to enjoy the journey and savour the process. He keeps the love flowing through us no matter how old we are. He still proposes me holding flowers like a twenty year old and I still blush like an eighteen year old !!!

As they say best tunes are played on the oldest fiddles therefore friends, Go all out folks.….to chase your dreams yet to be fulfilled, be in best of attire and make a fashion statement, give freshers run for their money at work place because you gained knowledge and confidence both, gift yourself that ‘ME TIME” pampering without thinking about kids because they are self dependent by God’s grace.

FREE your mind from clutches of “will it suit me at this age” syndrome and enjoy this beautiful journey of life. Remember that on the other side of fear lies freedom. It is never late to convert a special talent in a worthy pursuit. Keep your spirits high…May God bless us all with health and will power to live life to the fullest. Would love to get a catchy line on AGING & please post comments, it will be appreciated friends. http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/ready-set-done-2/

Dancing to Tribal Beats…..Let yourself free!!!



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  1. What a great start Rashmi! And nothing epitomises it better than the pic where u are dancing to tribal beats… age is indeed a number..ur parents have proved it…May u dream on and continue to live ur dreams!

  2. “to enjoy the journey and savour the process” – I am blessed too with the same life partner.
    This post was filled with so much wisdom, and I enjoyed it very much, especially remembering
    to enjoy life. We are starting a post on “Soulmates” today that sounds like you might have something to say.

    Also, be sure to post your lovely contribution to “The World Needs” poem. It has a very healing message,, and you can ping
    back to our linked page so everyone can see the most complete version. http://writingwingsforyou.com/2014/08/01/the-world-needs-poetry-collaboration/. Have a most blessed Sunday. ~Nemaste, Marie :0)

    1. Namaste Marie,you have given me loads of confidence and much needed support.Thanks a ton for praising my posts. I will definetly write on this beautiful topic soon……my name is Rashmi and I am from India.Great knowing you.I have done the needful,thanks.

  3. Before God, you are even younger and smaller than before you, a two year old (paraphrased from a quote by St. Josemaria Escriva). It’s never too late. Great post. Thanks for sharing

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