Today let’s talk about the Moral compass. In simple words, it is an ability to analyze the difference between right and wrong and then to act accordingly. A well-read and aware person generally knows what is right and what is wrong. The problem comes when we have to choose one. We keep getting confused and […]


Look around you and you will get plenty of spikes that nature gifts us. Though some species have thorns/spikes on them still it is super beneficial for us. For example, the Aloe vera plant is a medicinal herb having spikes all over the leaves. The medicinal value is known to one and all. There are […]

Lens-Artists: Weird And Wonderful

This week we are invited by Ann-Christine to find images of things that are “weird and wonderful”. An apt theme during Halloween times. It is not only about the weird but it has to be wonderful too. Yes, that’s the catch here, therefore, I have decided to share some of the unique sculptures having weird […]