Today let’s talk about the Moral compass. In simple words, it is an ability to analyze the difference between right and wrong and then to act accordingly. A well-read and aware person generally knows what is right and what is wrong. The problem comes when we have to choose one. We keep getting confused and it is a deliberate decision to stand with right or wrong. The situation gets worse when there’s a choice between two right things or two wrong things. That is the time when we use a moral compass.

A person good at heart makes the right decisions not only about profiting himself but also to help others. There is a soul in all of us that impels us to find out what is right and what is wrong. In today’s desperate world, not all but most people have lost hope in the good. It is a core value that very few propagate nowadays. Self-love, self-care is the new good. Hence human beings need to understand the inner self and do the fine-tuning of their moral compass. Look at this way that it directs you towards a decision that may not be beneficial for you now but brings betterment to overall society. This is essential in today’s perspective.

Is it god gifted or an acquired skill?

Well, each one of us has values that we develop since childhood. It builds in the deep inner core of a person. We all hold some central values deep within our soul as integrity, bonding, righteousness, personal responsibility, and kindness. Now what makes us apart is the use of these values, isn’t so? Researches have proven that individuals who have a healthy functioning moral compass are more compassionate, humble, productive, focused, and seem content with life. They also seem to have more nurturing and positive relationships within their connections.

Introspection and self-reflection bring awareness within us. Empathy, community living, teamwork, collaboration are some of the parameters which make us learn to think about others in our life and their importance. We tend to lead and start taking care of others too. It teaches us the broader meaning of growth where we start seeing the overall development of team members as a priority rather than self-worth or our company’s worth. We extend a helping hand without feeling insecure or monopolizing the environment adverse for the rest of the people.

Without moral compassing a human being will be surely like a wraith whose conscience has long died long back, who has crushed his soul under the greed of success and he can easily damage the productive structure of the environment he is in. We must take care of this virtue in our lives to be ethical souls.

Today’s prompts are: impel compass monopolize wraith hand



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