Look around you and you will get plenty of spikes that nature gifts us. Though some species have thorns/spikes on them still it is super beneficial for us. For example, the Aloe vera plant is a medicinal herb having spikes all over the leaves. The medicinal value is known to one and all. There are several ways to use the aloe vera plant and the various gels and extracts that can be made from it. New discoveries are taking place every now and then to put this succulent to use.

It keeps your skin clear and hydrated. Also extremely effective for treating sunburn, blemishes, and other skin-related problems. Has a cooling effect on skin rash, applying the gel extracted from its leaves does wonder on the face and neck. It lowers the sugar level in the body. Many people run the gel in a mixer grinder early morning to drink the diluted form of gel, empty stomach. Magical remedy for hairs too. It delays the graying of hair and is also a very good anti-aging product. 100% organic sunscreen gifted by nature. You can also apply the gel directly on the skin as an excellent organic face and body moisturizer.

Here’s another one with spiky vegetation
The spiked iron fence of the garden

How can you remove spikes from your soul which keep on puncturing your spirits? You have to gently take them out from your existence by having a positive outlook and calm persona. Connecting to like-minded people also helps in blossoming your soul as we all love good soulful interactions. Doing good to others also removes spiky situations from your life because people will give you so many blessings once you extend a helping hand towards them. Hope you all agree with me. Lots of wishes from this soul, thanks for visiting.



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