All Souls’ Day: Praying for the dead

So I celebrated Halloween and yesterday I attended All Souls’ Day prayers in our community graveyard where all the graves were decorated with flowers. Family members came & prayed for departed souls. One step more to explore the culture and traditions of global world. I thank my blogger friends to let me peep into their world by sharing the pictures and telling the stories of their festivals.

Hope I am loud and clear answering that million-dollar question, “why do I blog?” To grow worldly wise, to explore, share and make friends who love me, laugh with me and support me unconditionally. Wish you all All Saints’ Day……

Enjoy the pics from a corner of India.wpid-imag0526.jpgwpid-imag0525.jpgwpid-imag0527.jpg



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  1. √ Praying for the DeaD… … …

    BesT praying Wishes All Aoul’s…

    ஓம் நமசிவாய…

  2. I was surprised, I did not think you had cemeteries similar to ours. I really did not imagine anything, but I only know pictures of funeral pyres on the rivers.

    1. We have lots of it here. In fact North East India population has too much western Christrianity influence. I wish I had started my blog while Tarun was posted in Shillong.

  3. I was excited to see this post, Rashmi. My Mom was born on All Saints Day but I like All Souls Day, too. The label may be different but remembering special family members is the focus for prayers and some celebrate the way those people lived, too. ♡
    Thank you so much for your support of my Mom’s return yo improved mobility and health. You are most kind and thoughtful. Hope your parents and you, husband and 2 son’s continue to be blessed with good health and happiness, Soul. ♡

    1. Such a sweet comment and so many blessings ! O my dear friend Robin what I would do without you. Today I realize that body is not important to have a relationship. It is soul which matters and you have a beautiful one. 🙂

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