Orange and green are the two colours, considered very auspicious in Hindu mythology. Whether it is our food, temple décor, gods or festivals, we love to flaunt these colours in our day to day life. Green is the symbol of prosperity whereas orange, stands for spirituality, bravery, rich heritage, is also associated with Lord Hanuman. In fact the offerings made to him are also orange coloured ladoos. Yummy Indian curries have beautiful orange colour. The flowers, the clothes offered to God as well as worn by people on festivities have these prominent colours. It reflects soul and spirit of the occasion.

Hindus grow wheat grass during navratris.  It is believed that when the universe was formed, barley ( jau )was the first crop which was grown on earth. This is why it is also known as the “full crop”offered to God, during hawan or pooja. You can see the pics of two days old and my fully grown wheat grass in the gallery. Mango leaves are very auspicious when it comes to performing pooja. We prepare door hangings out of these. Just by tying thirteen leaves with a single thread. I make haldi (tumeric)and kumkum( orange powder) dots before hanging it on the main entrance of the home and in temple. That’s a regular practice in Hindu households.

Here are some pictures having both the colours depicting the significance of these two colours in our lives. CMCC.



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