Best stories narrated by my Father

DSC07437I was so keen to read books

I was a small girl with average looks

Archie’s and Marvel were among favorites

Tintin entertained me during vacations

As a kid my favorite was Malgudy Days

I used to have fun with Hardy Boys

Enid Blyton was a household name 

Secret seven and Famous Five fame

As a teenager got loads of homework

Still Mills and Boons grabbed my attention

A professional course, full time Fashion designer

Love, marriage and adjusting in a new environment

Took me away from the world of books, for a moment

But how long you can be away from books?

I too was fascinated by the charm and looks 

Erich Segal’s ‘Doctors’ inspired me a lot.

‘The class’ was a classic, I went and bought

All said and done all these books together

Cannot match the bedtime stories my father used to tell

I always miss those days, lying in his arms and sleep well……




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  1. Books are food for the brain (although my books are now electronic). I average on one a week and could not be without something running in the background. My dad was a regular visitor to the library, but his interest was not really for children’s ears, so I found my own way in the world of litereature. I read the usuall kid’s stuff, but quickly progressed to Sherlock Holmes and similar stories.

    1. I love to read your stories. There is so much to learn from your experiences. I wonder your students must be luckiest lot to receive knowledge from you in person. You must be a great teacher who could left a long lasting impact in their minds with your words. If I’m not wrong then you taught history for few years, right?

  2. Hi Rashmi,
    So many of the books you have read, I can recall reading too. I love Tintin even today. And Enid Blyton, I am introducing to my daughter.

    1. Those were fun daus when we were not wasting our time & energy in texting, chatting on fb/ what’s up. No other distractions so we ciuld read so many books during our childhood. Now a days young ones don’t to read anymore. Sad.

  3. “I remember those Stories.
    Telling My Children into My Arms.
    The Story would begin Excitingly Good.
    I do not know if that would End.
    It resulted into a different story Altogether.
    By the Time We Would have gone Asleep.
    Finally I might have told so many stories.
    With no connection to Each Other.”

    I am to tell you that I have dedicated my latest Post in your name , please read and comment there.
    Those are the few poem like lines I have written for the First time on My Blog.
    Fondest Regards,

  4. I really enjoyed reading this. I remember my parents reading to us and I reading to my son, you are so right about the vast social media outlets we have today causing distractions from hardbound books, the way they feel and the smell when you open one up. I was happy to see Archie, Marvel and Hardy Boys but no Nancy Drew.

  5. This is one blessing we have in common, a fantastic father who read to us or sometimes made up bedtime stories, Rashmi. ♡
    I loved the way he read Winnie the Pooh saying Robin with his page boy haircut was me, a girl 🙂

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