Brrr….Its cold beneath my Feet !



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  1. Well, that’s certain covers a range of seasons and footwear 🙂 I love those icy pools of water so clear they look like they are just an inch deep, but they go down forever. The headwaters of the Jordan River, up in the Hermon mountains are like that. Beautiful pictures!

    1. More than pictures I found your words so clear, deep and beautiful ! I was very busy yesterday since I had to make english papers ( half yearly exams) for the classes I teach. I generally write few lines about my pictures for pictures post also but yesterday I shammed and posted only pictures. I was not expecting more than ‘ nice shots’ in comments. You always surprise me with such genuine comments. WordPress folks should post your comments as a tutorial for ” Art of write comments on blogs” I had once read their post regarding this subject and found it not very impressive. You are a ocean of knowledge ! Keep inspiring.

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