Today, before I write any other post let me say THANK YOU to my friends who nominated me for the above awards. I am extremely grateful to Moses of Faction Limbo for nominating me for ‘The versatile Blogger Award’. I should have done it long back. As they say better late than never, delay just happened. Hope you will empathize  and please accept my gratitude with a smile. 

Moses has a very interesting blog with lots of Flash Fiction Stories. To read meaningful poems and short stories for Uniben Prize 2015 you must visit his blog.

Next I take this opportunity to convey my sincere thanks to Lydia of A lot from Lydia for nominating me for ‘The real neat blog award’. Of course it came as a pleasant surprise to receive it from someone who herself is a warm and sweet person that I know of. I am humbled and honored.

Lydia is one fabulous mom who generally writes about her teenage kids. I love her style of writing, witty posts and wonderful poems. You will definitely enjoy her work. It is worth visiting her blog.

Here are the answers to the questions asked by her.

The questions are:
What’s your favourite movie?

Titanic, Independence day and Silsila.

What made you start blogging?

My creative side and need to share my world with others.

Do you prefer reading fiction or non-fiction?

Both. Depends on the content.

Are you a morning person or a night person?

I am an owl and most active at night but when on roads, I get up before dawn and leave for the next destination while traveling. Start early in the morning and never be on roads after dusk is the thumb rule which we follow.

What musical instrument would you love to master?

Guitar and piano.

What’s your favourite color?

Blue and next favorite is green. Both are colors of mother nature.

What’s your favorite childhood memory?

Resting blissfully In my dad’s arms listening to melodious lullaby. Giggling all the way with my sisters on a funny joke especially when the guests were around. We had to sit and listen to etiquette lectures once the guests had left. 

To keep the ball rolling I will add names of the nominees and update this post very soon. Till then have a happy and relaxing weekend.

A basic routine…..No big things

What are the things you need to do within 30 minutes of waking up to ensure your day gets off on the right foot? What happened the last time you didn’t do one of these things?

The two things I want to do within 30 minutes of waking up……..Let me think what should I say….

I don’t want to sound bombastic or a big fraud if I tell lies…..You know what I’m talking about….Power yoga? No way !

I may sound uncultured, having no etiquette to put across a point, some of the readers would even find it uncouth, on the verge of being dirty when I say……

To ensure that my day get offs on the right noteI need to have a good bowel, there is nothing worse than sitting on a commode and wait for it to come out, I hate constipation.

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The More The Merrier……Got a New Award !

index1 Better late than never……Before its too late let me take this opportunity to thank my friend and fellow blogger Saya…D..Poet for nominating me for Sisterhood of the world Award.  Since I was off blogging for a week and couldn’t get time to do the needful therefore today I am here to show my gratitude to her. It is always good to get acknowledged for your work and when it comes from your friends it is worth all the more.

Here are the questions she asked:- Continue reading The More The Merrier……Got a New Award !

Gratitude and loads of it….

Today no left overs for me……. I am humbled and full of gratitude.

I am happy, feeling proud, thankful all at the same time. Let me share some moments of achievements, may be small but they brought joy and satisfaction to me. I will start with my adorable son’s victory. Today he has won the ‘The Best Basket Ball Player of the School’ trophy. Wait ! there’s more……He also bagged two gold medals in Football and Discuss throw along with one silver medal in Relay Race. Hurray !!! Continue reading Gratitude and loads of it….

Thank You

Hello friends,2770057-231801-thank-you-vector-stamp

Let me take this opportunity to show my gratitude once again.

Awards makes me feel happy and inspire to work with more enthusiasm.

It is time to say thanks  to Carter of Carter Vail  blog for nominating me for the Liebster Award.

Though we never exchanged notes and interacted but by visiting her blog, I could make out that  she feels passionate about the environment, animal and human welfare, as well as, writes about her own struggles as a person.

I have been nominated before for the same therefore I am sharing my updated response to set the ball rolling. ‎

Kindly check all the blogs recommended here and pat them for their great efforts.

After all we all love acknowledgement and positive  feedback to keep doing the good work. Have a nice day 🙂



Hello friends, Time to share and this time rather than calling it good, let me call it ‘LOVELY’ news ! Yes, You got it ! I have been awarded with ‘ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD’ and I take this opportunity to thank for nominating for this one. I feel honored and joyous to receive this award.

Things to do when one finds out and exclaims, “Wow! I’ve been nominated for ‘One lovely blog award!‘ 🙂

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An Extraordinary Award: “Premio Dardos”

This post is so special and heart warming that I couldn’t resist myself to reblog it on my page. Thank you so much Robin for this encouragement 🙂


I first would like to say it has been awhile since I received an award so this caught

me totally by surprise. Rashmi, who is a fellow blogger who writes “Soul N Spirit,”

gave me an international award, called “Premio Dardos!”  It stands for the darts that

are sent to others called,  “prize darts.” This is particularly exciting since I enjoy

Spanish words, having studied Spanish for 6 years and lived almost 22 years with

a Spanish teacher (yep, that’s my Mom!)

Cultural, literary, personal, ethical and other very important values are enhanced

through our international community of blogging. Her blog will show you the process

to carefully award 15 others with nominations. Rashmi writes with her heart,

passionate about life. I enjoy her photos of her travels, what she sees along the way

and her poetic way of expressing herself. You will enjoy her positive attitude, too:

She has…

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