The More The Merrier……Got a New Award !

index1 Better late than never……Before its too late let me take this opportunity to thank my friend and fellow blogger Saya…D..Poet for nominating me for Sisterhood of the world Award.  Since I was off blogging for a week and couldn’t get time to do the needful therefore today I am here to show my gratitude to her. It is always good to get acknowledged for your work and when it comes from your friends it is worth all the more.

Here are the questions she asked:-

Name a moment till now which has brought on tears of sadness or gratitude or happiness etc.

ME: When my elder son was born….I was the happiest soul having tears of joy in my eyes. 

Have you felt an incomplete feeling as to what you are doing is not enough? If yes, what did you do?

ME: I pray whenever feel incomplete. God generally answers my prayers.

Have you ever had a chance to rectify a wrong decision on your part? If yes, what?

ME: I tried to keep long hairs once. I looked horrible in that ! I got them chopped into Bob cut.

Have you ever done a crazy thing while in public? If yes, what and what was other people’s reaction?

ME: I joined Kalbelia dancers, Naga tribals in their dance on different occasions. I didn’t know how people react but I had some memorable moments with them.

Have you ever been at cross roads in life where choosing any option over other was equally painful? If yes, what did you do?

ME: Touch wood I have been lucky so far. Never experienced such things in life.

I once again thank Saya for giving me a pleasant surprise and honour to nominate me for this prestigious award. Now its time to add few names who are well deserving for this award. Here are my nominations:-

Mani of A new Life Wandering

Robin of witlessdatingafterfifty

Linda of Study God’s Word

Andrea of Cooking with a Wallflower

Sweety of The ‘Pen’lightenment of the soul

Marilyn Armstrong of Serendipity

Angloswiss of  Chronicles of an Angloswiss

Amy of The World is a Book

Ksbeth of I didn’t have my glasses on

Vonita of Passion through Poetry

Amanda of insidethelifeofmoi

Story teller of Wandering story teller

Sam Rappaz of Another voice

I love visiting these blogs and I am sure you will also enjoy exploring the work of these wonderful bloggers/writers. They all surprise me with their creativity. I know you all are very busy and it would not be possible for you to follow the rules regarding the award but in case those who want to…..Here are the rules.

Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site – done

Put the award logo on your blog – done

Answer the ten questions they’ve set you – done 🙂

Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer- I liked Saya’s questions so need to add new ones.

Nominate ten people – done

That’s all from me. Happy Blogging 🙂



25 Responses

    1. It is about sisterhood so you are not there otherwise you know no celebration is completed without your nomination……I cherish our community…..Yay ! 🙂

      1. Each of post of yours is carefully crafted and eloquently written. It’s so magical that we are connected via WP. I’m touched by your words. Thank you so much, Rashmik!

  1. Reblogged this on SERENDIPITY and commented:
    Although I no longer accept awards, I felt I needed to say thank you in some way for this lovely honor. I really do appreciate the gesture and I am sincerely grateful that you chose me 🙂

    1. You have been a great friend during this journey of awards. Sharing is caring so that both must feel happy at the end of the day. We rock Sweety. Proud of our association 🙂 🙂

  2. Thank you so very much! I feel very honored to be included in this nomination post for Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. I think your list is a great group and am very happy to be among these fine writers, too. I appreciate how you are so good at writing and showing us many pictures which enhance your posts. I like the fact your son’s birth is a special moment, that long hair didn’t work, so you had a ‘bob’ cut done and so many other interesting things I learned about you on this post and through your other stories, Rashmi! Smiles, Robin

    1. Aww Robin You are so senior in every sense to me and I respect you so much for your kind support and guidance since I have started blogging. Thanks for being there and appreciating my work. Really blessed to have you all in my life 🙂

      1. Such a sweet response, Rashmi. I feel this way about you and am blessed to have you around.

        I am posting a blog about Alzheimer’s and will include your blog. Although it is not an Awards post, I am thinking that the best thing is to do a ‘shout out’ to you as soon as possible!
        If I get my act together, I will write a real tribute to you. I will then make a list of my newer blogging friends. I try to pass the nominations out to those who have just started following me.

        Thanks for this award nomination, S n S! Today I shall include your post and name! Thanks again for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award! I would be proud to be your aunt or much older sister, Rashmi! Hugs, Robin

      2. Do things at your pace Robin. I am not getting time to read your new posts, in fact I have not posted any new post for last two days. I had a super hectic schedule which hopefully ended today. I will visit your blog soon to catch up.

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