A basic routine…..No big things

What are the things you need to do within 30 minutes of waking up to ensure your day gets off on the right foot? What happened the last time you didn’t do one of these things?

The two things I want to do within 30 minutes of waking up……..Let me think what should I say….

I don’t want to sound bombastic or a big fraud if I tell lies…..You know what I’m talking about….Power yoga? No way !

I may sound uncultured, having no etiquette to put across a point, some of the readers would even find it uncouth, on the verge of being dirty when I say……

To ensure that my day get offs on the right noteI need to have a good bowel, there is nothing worse than sitting on a commode and wait for it to come out, I hate constipation.


I can’t waste my energy on staying close to the proximity of a descent toilet throughout the day, Constipated souls never know when there would be a nature’s call…….they just can’t avoid it, if they do it’s bad, postponing it is even worse and let people know your situation by giving them smelly signals is WORST.


Believe me irregular bowel timing is the most uncomfortable thing. You can never be at peace. Want to concentrate? huh ! High hopes 🙁


Next I need my favorite gel paste to brush my pearly white, actually gone yellowish with aging. I try hard to keep them sparkling white. I am going to switch to herbal one since gel is not good for teeth.


Now is the time to go out in the garden to absorb the beauty, greenery, breathe deeply to fill my lungs with fresh air. I look for new flowers, walk on soft grass, let my feet kiss the morning dew, admire the butterflies while sipping my fresh cuppa of green tea. Oh that reminds me I have to inform my friend about the slip no.of the parcel sent to her. I hope she enjoys the Assam tea as much she enjoys her cup of coffee. She is addicted to coffee, her another addiction is Chocolate.

Few months before I used to do my stretching exercises but for last five months I have turned into one hell of lazy soul. I don’t feel like exercising in the morning. Might be change of climate and altitude. Do I still miss pine trees, clouds and terrific weather of Shillong? ….YES !

I need to have a relaxing bath, once I got up late, had a sponge bath, left for my work place……I took half day, came home just to have a shower !  Oh what a relief ! I just couldn’t accept it that I didn’t had a bath in the morning ! 

The most important part of my morning ritual within 30 minutes of waking is my prayer time. I am a religious person, an adorable daughter of God, he likes when I thank him in the morning and spend some time with him. He blesses me for the rest of the day and keeps me protected from evil and negative vibrations.


If I miss my prayers I am agitated, cranky for the whole day. The guilt sets in and I feel sorry for not managing my day properly. All set to start a day on the right foot….Yayyyy !!! 🙂



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    1. I have developed a cold feet for morning exercise. I have to break this block. Yoga is actually very good but now a days they have made it something else. So many versions and styles….what to do what to leave makes me really confused 🙂

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