Time to be on roads again ! On wheels with Tarun, occasion is reunion party.
While we crossed a village I happened to see these women sitting under the tree. Grabbed my camera to capture the rural appeal. Enjoy the simplicity of rural faces.



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  1. Unfortunately, one of your images would not appear, but the remaining image … the woman in the yellow sari … is breathtaking. What a story her face tells.

    Take care of yourself and Tarun in your excursion … and have fun!

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback otherwise I was under impression that my post has been lost somewhere. Yes, rest of the images are not appearing, might be due to poor connectivity. I am not able to rectify it also. I will re post this once I reach home today evening.

  2. Wow – love the yellow – is there only 1 image in this post ? Your words make it sound like there are a few – hm – just curious – safe travels to u

    1. Rest of the images are not appearing, since I had very poor connectivity while I published the post. I will soon rectify it. Thanks for the kind feedback. Means a lot.

      1. Oh my pleasure – and the post sounds so interesting – but I know first hand
        How connectivity impacts uploads – have a nice week

  3. Rashmi,
    The wrinkles on those faces- the thoughtful looks- as they gaze at you or the horizon- I wonder what they have gone through in life to be so wrinkled and what they are seeing in the future for themselves.. I don’t see despondency but rather a faint glitter of hope – thank you for sharing positive images of your trip.
    God bless!

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