I found a beautiful, pristine, crystal clear blue heart in the lap of Himalayan mountains. 

Journey was tiring, path was curvaceous, altitude was higher, view was fabulous

As I was trying to capture the magnificent landscape, this water body appeared before us ! 

soulnspiritblogA heart shaped lake ! So serene,so calm, magical and angelic spot, we halted at once

I sat down on a nearby rock, in awe kept on gazing, no hurry to move ahead…….

What a marvel of nature ! A heart which heals the tired souls, charge the spirits….

I found it a perfect heart for Judy’s Finding Heart !: Have a Heart Challenge



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    1. I’m still imagining your canine sleeping on that cute red heart pillow. I could find this one only. There is a fresh I mean repeated prompt again but with zero response tag. They again did with us. Disgusting. I’m so happy that we could join hands in “finding hearts.”

  1. I love your heart–and your lake!!! Thanks for entering my challenge, and so well, to boot. That was an incredible journey you took. How romantic. Finding heart in the Himalayas. I flew over them…saw them the easy way, but didn’t spot your magical lake, S&S!!!!

    1. I’ m always when it comes to heart. In absence of prompts it came as a fresh lease of life. This lake is a famous one in Arunachal Pradesh, Tawang region. One can spot it easily while going to Madhuri/ sangetsar lake & Bumla pass by road. That area is having around 20 lakes big & small like this. Only few are seen by tourists, rest are not in close vincity to main hifhways.

  2. I had a very good business friend. She was from Bombay and her family had a company. She was actually an engineer. I got to know her sons as boys and as they grew up they entered the business, One got married and brought his wife with him on a journey to Switzerland. Anyhow my friend, the engineer, told me about her trip to the Himalayas and her mountain climbing experiences. I was astonished and the only thing I could ask was how she managed with the sari climbing mountains. She laughed and said she was wearing trousers for that climb. Arn’t we Europeans simple sometimes.

  3. I am sorry my comment was started and must not have pressed hard enough on my cell phone. Your heart shaped lake is so beautiful and the scenery is awe-inspiring. I would want to stay there for a long time, absorbing the view from all directions, Rashmi. ♡

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