How embarrassing it was for me. I was constantly nagging, ticking off children for losing the expensive pen which I gifted them, blamed them not to value gifts and then one fine day I got it inside my pouch which I carried to school. Actually I had borrowed it for my work few days before, forgot to return, and later on kept on scolding my sons for the careless handling of things. Ashamed of my behaviour I had to eat a humble pie.

Never mind I guess all mothers are more or less like this. They scold and then they pamper. Of course I baked a cake for my brats who faced the music without their fault. Isn’t it looking good in the picture above?

URI 145

Tarun has a habit of  keeping things in a safe place only to forget later on. When he can’t recollect his so called safe place then he simply announces that it was me whom he handed over the things. I keep on rejecting the idea and suggest him to check his brief cases. Very confidently he would open his bags in front of me and turns red when he finds it right there where I told him. No wonder he smiles and eats a humble pie.

What about you? Does it happen with you during one of these days ?


This poem totally expose our politicians while “the people” eat humble pie…..

The Elitists in Government are dragging their feet,
while “the people” eat humble pie and sweat,
wondering how far their lives will plunge into
the unknown depths of chaos and debt,
They wine, dine and schmooze on the
Hill of no thrills,

In the meantime, people are losing their homes,
Dropping dead or electing to end
their lives with pills or any means they
can find, because they can’t afford to
take care of their children as they should,
Yet, the Politicians continue to act as if
United States’ condition is “All Good”

With indifference they retire to their mansions
and lives of prosperity, while the “little people”
are left hanging in the wind,
Then they turn around and blame their incompetence
on the only minority who is desperately trying to save the
country from ruin and pestilence…..


Margeret Bailey



12 Responses

  1. Speaking of pens — Garry’s steals them. He’s quite shameless about it. Maybe he has some of yours? I wouldn’t put it past him. As for me, I lose gloves. Never both gloves. One glove. So I have all these single gloves and a live in hope of someday seeing the other appear in a forgotten pocket or bag.

    I’m not sure of the ingredients for humble pie, but I think no one should have to eat it.

    1. It’s with keys most of the time in my case. May be it happens with age. I insert one socks/ glove into another one so that they stick together and doesn’t get mixed with other garments. One of my maids used to do this.

  2. I had to laugh at your pen problem. At the moment Mr. Swiss is searching for jeans trousers. Have you seen them? he asks me. I see them when I wash them, my husbands jeans and my son’s. We are not getting younger and age has its disadvantages. He has now come up with the brilliat idea that I probably gave them to my son in mistake. Son is autistic and would immediately return the as he is very exact on these things but mr. Swiss is still loolking for a scapegoat. I hope it wasn’t me, otherwise I will be eating humble pie.

    1. Now it’s my turn to have a hearty laugh. My elder son is exactly like Mr.Swiss. If he doesn’t see his trousers he comes declaring it’s me who keeps his things in younger son’s wardrobe. Now he is in hostel & if something goes missing he would call & inform that he has left it at home. So funny.

    1. Thank you. I believe a blogger should be truthful and honest in his writings. We aren’t writing fiction or fantacy for a novel. It’s the daily musings & ramble we share with each other, right?

      1. Indeed, blogging involves telling out the reality, one’s views and perspectives of subjects. Rambling, though, might get on nerves sometimes:-D

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