Is that a perfect Dunk ? – Motion (Weekly Photo Challenge)

I love to watch my sons playing basketball. They both are storehouse of energy and I am amazed to see how young ones are so flexible and light on their toes.

One fine day I caught them trying for a perfect dunk after watching their favorite players on NBA. They love NBA like crazy and are fascinated by the game and the teams. ‘Dunk’ according to me is to slam a ball through the basket and above. Though they were not as high as they should be nevertheless the attempts were well tried.

Here are my choices for Motion which I would call a dunk moment, full of action, achievement !



IMAG2330 IMAG2332



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  1. Oh cool! You sons play basketball? I love that game ❤ anyhow, you said you like it too, na? So, I’d really recommend you to watch One Tree Hill. Its a beautiful show with lots of music, art, books and of course, basketball. If you have any plans to watch it, please let me know. Ill be happy 😀

    1. Your understanding about photography is admirable. It was comparatively difficult. My first three photos got blurred and then I increased my shutter speed and managed to take these.

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