Lingering Forever for Life


Childhood is always special.  I never wanted to grow as an adult. I wish I could linger on the pampering and care of my parents.  The taste of my mom’s food still lingers, I could never cook such delicious meals.

I still remember my first date with my love. Feels as if it happened yesterday . Oh ! I never wanted that ice cream to be melt which we both were lingering over.

His first touch had a lingering effect on my soul. The bond developed instantly. Ah, love at first sight it was.

I linger on the history and traditions for long whenever we travel to a new location. The fun and togetherness during such trips always have a long lasting effect on me.

There are other things also I lingered in…… the first sight of Mighty Himalayas, the taste of the first meal I cooked for my husband after our marriage, the sweetness of the song he sang for me, my first dance party and our first big purchase after we settled our new home.

I never wanted to leave Shillong, most beautiful city where we were posted one year before. The clouds, the greenery, the landscape, the warmth and energy of the place made me linger the experience for long. I wanted that beautiful stay for rest of my life but we belong to services therefore couldn’t stay there for long.

Beauty of Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh took my breath away. The effect is still lingering in my mind. I can feel the breeze blowing, clouds floating and mist enveloping the mountain ranges.

I wish I could travel more and more to explore the remaining area of that part of the country to linger on the traditions.

My dear friend baked a cake for me on my last birthday. My elder son was at home for Chrismas break, that doubled the happiness and joy of the event. I loved the smiling faces, flowers, wishes and moreover cherished the love I received from friends and family. The cake looked great, tasted so yummy. My sons polished it off within no time. I lingered over it……


Lingering continuing…….



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    1. Thank you so much. I am in Delhi for next few days. This is another beautiful city, capital of India and my home town too. I will try to be in touch. Came to visit my parents and in laws. Regards.

  1. Lovely, sweet and beautiful lingerings..Enjoyed getting to know them all..Of course mom’s food and first love linger through out our lives 🙂

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