Placebo Effect: Treating King Size Ego

Daily Prompt: If you could create a painless, inexpensive cure for a single ailment, what would you cure and why?


I would cure egoistic, self obsessed individuals and treat their BIG egos for sure. Egos are larger than life, the only reason for conflicts and wars. Male ego is biggest and female ego is most dangerous than all. People lose their relations, friends, well-wishers because they cannot leave their egos behind.

Of course the treatment is painless but the procedure to make yourself ready for the treatment is painful. It requires commitment and some serious changes in one’s behavior. It needs strong will power and complete surrender for peace.

Meditation, knowledge, large heart, forgiveness are some of the tools available free of cost to shun old baggage of ego.

I advice you to sit in front of Lord, look into his eyes,

look at his face so calm with blissful smile,

connect yourself with him while disconnecting yourself from the worldly affairs at the same time.

Feel your inner self, mingle with God.

Soon you will realize that you are a part of that light, power, father whatever you call it.

Ask yourself, Who are you? You have no identity of your own. You are merely a ray of supreme light, a mortal body containing a immortal soul which finally meets its mother soul the moment this body would perish, then why to have so much self-importance?

Soon all your ego would melt and you will be a humbled, loved person free of sick ego….a soul, who is nothing but PEACE.

I think I would be able to bring some positive changes in lives of ego burdened people by curing them with this inexpensive treatment. Placebo effect, what’s say?



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  1. Swami Vivekananda once said “Suppose, a dog bites you. Do you bite it back ? No, you let go, because you are a human, and cannot drop to the levels of a dog.”
    I often tend to follow this logic whenever there is a not-so-easy forgiving or letting go to be dealt with. But do think, maybe, such a thought process feeds my ego ?

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