Lusturous Lion at Lovure, Abu Dhabi

Few months back I got the opportunity to visit Louvre, art & civilisation museum located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The museum was initially established with the aim to showcase the artworks from different parts of the world but soon it became the world renowned venue to tell the story of cultural exchange and dialogue.

It was an extremely enriching experience to get a glimpse of eastern as well as western culture, art & civilisation under one roof. World famous paintings, cultural assets & classic artworks are exhibited with utmost care & dedication. The collection includes artefacts from Turkey, Japan, Syria, Greece, China & India along with Middle East.

This monumental lion sculpture is most important Islamic work of art from Mediterranean region. The tube in the animal’s mouth, the opening in its belly & his hollow body suggests that the object once produced a roaring sound and was thus an automaton.

The lustre of the metal can be seen from the distance. The sculpture immediately attracts your attention due to its shine & unique body shapeIt has been placed so strategically in the gallery that one cannot afford to miss it. The information board contains all details regarding the lion sculpture. The lustre can easily be noticed in both the pictures. I was so much impressed with the collection of artefacts imported from ancient rulers, kingdom & in fact some of them are on loan from Louvre museum in Paris. Really it was worth a visit !

RDP Monday- Lusture



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