We all want more fulfilment, happiness, clarity, purpose, joy, and satisfaction in our lives daily. Right? What if we were to ask how many of us work to achieve that?  

Is there any super simple way to invite more positivity into our life? 

Mindfulness is that tool that is a simple yet powerful practice that can transform the way we perceive and experience our lives. Besides helping us be more present-oriented, it can change our reactions to many aspects of life. Like how we think, behave and deal with stress, interact with our family and friends, make decisions, and so much more. There is a general sense of satisfaction and well-being which ensures that we are happy. Who does not want to be happier? The moot question is, how do we make our life simple and positive? 

The person who lives life fully, glowing with life’s energy, is the person who lives a successful life

Daisaku Ikeda

Why would anyone believe what one has to say? 

We had personally experienced those mornings when we used to wake up having missed our heartbeat at the thought of everything we had to do.

Managing a job, kids, social affairs as a defence officer’s wife, and running a perfect home, One used to prioritize the tasks critically, and our self-talk began almost immediately, eventually triggering a sense of overwhelm and stress. One ought to be a superwoman doing all this. It was not an easy task at all. 

Unsuccessful attempts often result in quick anger and frustration, at times disconnecting oneself with people around and jumping on some ineffective coping mechanisms like wasteful shopping or watching movies till late.

Those were all short-term escapes that could provide momentary relief; however, becoming more mindful has empowered one to deal with these challenges and brought more positivity into one’s life. We see life from a different perspective, and we are grateful to learn this art that has helped one stay happy irrespective of what life has to offer. We exhibit a strong mentality and maturity to deal with situations rather than feeling like a victim; We see ourselves as resilient victors and therefore decided to share with all, hoping one could spread the secret of one’s happiness.

Here are seven tips that will steer us through the path of mindful, soulful living. 

1. Improve the lifestyle Score

Now how can we do that? We can achieve this by simply adopting good habits like going vegan, eating healthy, walking, cycling, or any other form of physical movements like salsa, aerobics, yoga, or Pranayama/breathing exercises are a great way to have mind, body, soul balance. Community engagements like contributing to social clubs, happiness clubs, and charity expand the happiness quotient in life. 

2. Not expecting too much from life 

Life is like a river flowing and marking its tributaries and distributaries. One should not interfere with the course of flow by being too ambitious in life. Enjoy the brimming cup of life to the full and till the end. Focus on small things, enjoy a meal with children, meet old friends, and thank God for a beautiful family. All these acts fill one’s heart with mindfulness of the blessings one gives. 

3. Mindfulness, meaningful hobbies, happy habits

Mindfully engaging in productive hobbies can add more richness, fulfillment, and fun to our lives. Similarly, happy habits play a similar role in our lives to add both more mindfulness and positivity. If not done yet, here are some of the hobbies one can include in their daily routine. 

 Reading books can transform us into a different world and let go of everything. It helps one unwind and not think or worry about their problems anymore while flipping through the pages. Our mind may start wandering, and we may get lost in some thoughts, so do not worry, reset and go back to read with a more present and focused mind. One can lie in bed and read an inspirational book or any light comedy before sleeping. 

  • Enjoy the breakfast and feel gratitude.
  • Give loved ones a mindful hug.
  • Admire the beautiful hues in the sky during the sunset. 

Similarly, cooking, painting, or singing can be equally therapeutic. Spending more time smelling the different ingredients, tasting to check the spices, and garnishing the dishes in new ways gives one a sense of mindfulness. 

Pay attention when one mixes colors, feels the canvas and brush, and blends colors using various techniques in the case of painting. Try experimenting with different habits and see what suits and what feels good. If it comes to noticing that any hobby or habit makes one feel more stressed out than mindful and relaxed, then flexibility is needed to make it easier for oneself.

4. Change the Mindset 

Having a more positive mindset thought process about a task is extremely rewarding. It has to shift from something one has to do to something that one chooses to do instead. It is a mindful way to accomplish mundane tasks with more deliberate efforts.

5. See daily tasks and chores as opportunities to practice mindfulness

Simple mindfulness practice can make our everyday life more joyful and less rushed throughout the day. 

Many of us do dusting the cupboards, arrange clothes, and organize the desk each day, and it is a great way to add a little more consciousness to our lives. 

However, another simple way is to start paying closer attention to our sense organs. Observe the different touches, various smells, and textures. What do they feel? Touch the water to feel the temperature. Do our hands react the same way our heart does? What are all the big and small things we do with our hands? What does a hug or cuddle feel? Please pay attention to one’s hands and feet and how they perform so many tasks daily. 

As we walk, we feel the connection of our feet with the ground. These movements and sensations can give us many reasons to feel mindful of our blessings. One can laze under the sun for a while after watering the plants and appreciating nature. These practices are easy to do, quick, fun, and meaningful. Moreover, we can implement as many as we like into our day. 

Bottom of Form

Say yes to what brightens up our day. Saying ‘No’ is more challenging than ‘Yes’? We have learned that it is the other way round. Saying yes to the things that make one happy can be a conscious choice; however, many of us ignore this choice as one only focuses on saying yes to what one believes is necessary. Next time do not forget about making an effort to say yes to what one might enjoy.

Saying yes does not mean spending more. One can say yes to experiences, goals, self-care, quality time with loved ones, or trying something new! So does it mean saying yes to spending more money buying new clothes or splurging on new gadgets to which we said No earlier?

For example, if one is saying yes to cooking for children and not letting them order it from outside before attending one’s friend’s birthday bash, even if one may miss some of the activities there.

If one is working for philanthropic purposes and is sacrificing one’s time irrespective of getting any dividends would be a lost cause 

One would say yes to a spa session rather than spending money on a new dress for a cousin’s marriage.

How about choosing a food joint for the family based on their preferences rather than what one liked. 

We will realize that we were regularly making stereo-type choices which took a little bit of positivity out of our days instead of encouraging it! 

 Is there anything one would like to say yes?

6. Creating positive spaces

Try to create vibrant and positive spaces around operating spaces. The bright, upbeat place will give one much-needed calm, comfort, and ample opportunities to feel joyful and practice mindfulness. It can be in the green corner on one’s balcony at home or on a bookshelf with a recliner to read and relax. It could be a yoga room, a café, or a favorite picnic spot. Perhaps a garden, a lake with lots of fish to observe, or a coffee corner in the park. Whatever it may be, one must get pleasant vibes as soon as one walks in there. It should resonate so that one would let go of their worries and thoughts. 

We never know how these places rejuvenate us and make us feel emancipated.  

We hope these small tips on positivity and mindfulness bring clarity and much-needed vibrancy to one’s life. Do share other happy hobbies or habits integrated into one’s lifestyle, including practicing mindfulness while going through the daily chores.



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