Nature in Monochromatic Mood


This week, share with us your monochromatic images. Be calculating and creative in choosing your subject and focal point; resist the urge to simply take a photo of something with a single color range.

A powerful monochromatic image is composed of a gradient of a single color, and has an emphasis on texture and composition. I have tried to focus on a single object, the images are not entirely monochromatic, they show the power that a simple color palette can have in a photograph.

 These photos show nature in black and white and I haven’t processed or used any effects while capturing the shots. Enjoy the snow-covered peaks, full moon, autumn trees, sea shores and lakes in naturally monochrome.



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  1. Your gallery have show the power that a simple color palette and the beauty of nature. Well done!
    So glad to know you have recovered, Rashmi. 🙂

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