No Middle seat Gossip

548552_3914156900309_1516951635_nI thank my stars if I get a corner seat

For the simple reason I don’t tweet

No more exchanging of phone numbers

I would rather go into deep slumber

My ear phones are on, my look is stern

No one dares to ask me for info churn

Look around, everyone is engrossed

Smart phones have given life a toss

Who’s got time to chat with neighbour 

You are in train or a plane, doesn’t matter

Chatting is in full swing but not with the tourist

Facebook is full of friend list, what’s up is best

Yes, I would be all game if the mother has a baby

He smiles at me and I would talk to him instantly

His tiny hands will try to touch me invariably 

I would enjoy the cuddles, will hold him sweetly

The innocence would touch my heart, love holds no bar

Rest I’m not interested in a person sitting next to me or far




13 Responses

    1. You said it ! Whenever I travel or visit any coffee shop, I observe people constantly chatting on their mobile phones. They don’t remove their ear plugs while eating food !

  1. If i sit at the bus stop I am surrounded by teenies prodding at their telephones or comparing something. Communication no longer exists. And me – I enjoy the entertainment from the various tel. conversations. People are sometimes better than a TV film – its reality.

    1. There was a time when I used to talk about various issues while traveling but now a days young and even older lot in India seems to be totally engrossed in e-world. They don’t like to initiate the conversation and some sit with constipated faces throughout. Sad but it is better to change with changing times.

  2. Well said my friend. We lose our connectedness with all the technologies of the day.
    I love how you captured your connection here, enticing us to let go…because this is real and where it’s at. :0)

  3. We do tend to get all wrapped up in technology, Rashmi. Happy ending to rest our eyes and thoughts. Liked the bay with such precious details about tiny fingers. 🙂

    1. He was really very cute and how can one not extend his hands to touch those tiny, soft fingers ? At times we totally ignore the beauty and happiness around us just because we are pinned to gadgets ?

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