Reflection on Love and Relationship

I reflect on divine relationships in the tapestry of life. 

It all starts when two souls intertwine. 

Feeling a spark, skipping a beat, two hearts entwined

Walking ahead in the journey of love and affection

That’s all about soaking in a mutual connection

A surge of emotions, basking in the warm embrace 

Lost in a world where time had no trace. 

reflection in love and relationship

Two Souls love, live, laugh, and share dreams.

The bed of roses called life also has a few thorns 

As the seasons turn, a couple faces unforeseen storms;  

The pain of expectations, flaws, and scars make it sulk  

The social pressures and norms make it all worse 

Through hardships and struggles, they find their resolve

Love’s true essence shines as we evolve.

Remember it’s not in perfection but in our flaws we find grace, 

The beauty of acceptance, the strength to embrace.

You may stumble and falter, but together you grow

It is all about learning to cherish, forgive, and renew. 

reflection in love and relationship poem

To nurture a relationship is a constant work of art 

A masterpiece in progress takes a lot of love and heart.

In between conflicts, you have to discover solace,

Balancing the delicate dance of give and take, 

So, how about continuing this journey hand in hand? 

Navigate the uncharted. Together you stand

In self-reflection, why not find love’s greatest treasure

A bond that transcends, an eternal pleasure.

I reflect on divine relationships in the tapestry of life. 

It all starts when two souls intertwine. 

I cherish the lessons with gratitude in my heart, 

The true essence of love is not just the spoken words;

Living and feeling it every day is an art

 – Rashmi Kashyap Soul n spirit 



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