Remind me: Enjoy Yourself Before it gets too late !

Enjoy yourself it’s later than you think. This song by Doris Day ( 1950 ) is my all time favorite ! When I’m not in high spirits, feel dejected I listen to this song for the instant energy it provides. I would say this is a big morale booster for me ! The lyrics act as a medicine and I ‘m up and ready with my boots, hats and camera to enjoy my self !

Today Wordy wants to know about a special song that comes on the radio and I’m instantly transported to a different time and place.

There are many such songs which brings back loads of memories and make me nostalgic. I cannot paint my wall with so many videos but yes, there is one song which is close to my heart. The famous Bryan Adams song ” Everything I do I do it for you” is top on the list.

This song reminds me of good old days when we were enjoying the prime of youth as a lovey  dovey couple. My husband gifted me a cassette of recorded songs of his choice while he was leaving for his outdoor camps for two weeks.

Those were the days of tape record and cassettes. We didn’t had the privilege of free downloading and you tube.We used to spend lot of money in buying cassettes of singers’ latest album. I wish we had iPods then !

Anyway enjoy this beautiful song from Bryan Adams which I kept on listening for those two weeks of separation just after marriage. Whenever it comes on the radio I leave everything to sing it loudly.

The cassette is still lying in the box along with tape recorder. The song appears in most played songs list in our Bose home theater which fulfills the musical thirst today.



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  1. I remember my childhood years I also recorded my own mixtape of dedications, it was more intimate then because it was handled and carefully selected, unlike these days where you just toss music into the phone 😊

  2. And today, I gave Garry a brand new portable radio to replace the one he has had for more than 20 years. It’s hard to find little radios any more. But he likes listening to sports talk radio while he shaves. It’s his “private time” and sometimes, he will tune in to the oldies channel for a few tunes from his younger years. It used to all come from the radio and it wasn’t so long ago.

    1. My father owned a small transistor which he always kept near him to listen cricket commentary during world cup. He used to enjoy old numbers of Bollywood played in late night programs.

  3. I really enjoy Doris’ song. So right, we worry so much, we forget to enjoy. Bryan Adams’ Everything I do is my all time favorite song. It touches me every time I listen… Thank you, Thank you for the post, Rashmi!

  4. I must have been sleeping yesterday, othewise my like would have been here because, yes, Mrs. Angloswiss loves that Canadian lumberjack rough voice belonging to Bryan Adams, makes me feel years younger.

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