Scared of Hospitals and Diseases

icu-in-india-hospitalI am too scared of hospitals and I hate going to doctors. 

The smell, the syringe 

needles, overflowing fluids

Open wounds, pain and screams

Panic, prayers, fearful some

Oh, I faint at the sight of blood

Nurses, OT, ICU, MI Rooms

Laboratories, equipments

Blood, medicines, 

Expression on doc’s face

when he tells his diagnosis 

Hearing with pale face

Pounded heart, sweated body

I almost feel dead near mortuary 

God, please keep me away from hospitals

They are only good to visit new born babies

If I ever have to go for check-ups

I pray and pray, thank heaven

So dreadful the thought of admission

No, I never want to be under observation.

# Fright Night



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    1. I have come across few people who very comfortabely go for all check ups and tesys which are not even necessary at that point of time just because there medical expanses are being paid bt the organisation. Funny. Let’s do this…you never know when you need the report types…

  1. I can feel with you. I have no problem, was an active first aid helper in our local village for many years and the intricacies of medicine interest me. Perhaps it was due to my mum who was really physically firghtened of hospitals and doctors, to the extent that she would not visit the doctor if she was ill. She hated the smell of hospitals and did not even like to make a visit. I think it was perhaps in her case more a matter of not understanding how the body worked, I don’t now. Although she would send everyone else to the doctor, but would not go herself.

    1. I totally relate with your mother.since I too would never a doctor until it is the last option. I at times wonder how can medicine be one of the most saught after fields.

  2. yep agreed, even in a “clean” environment one can pick up a so called …”staph” er Staff infection! went in to get my finger fixed one day an almost lost my arm cuza that one , yes indeed, so i can agree wit ya 1000% …namaste 2 yaz frum da’ Q across da’ planet!

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