Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – November 30,2016

Life is all about choices and finding your way to your destination. I particularly enjoy playing up for this photo challenge run by Cee because it gives me freedom to click anything which depicts a ‘way’…. it can be a walkway, road, footpath, trail, stairs or even I can capture while climbing, driving or driving. Isn’t it fun?

I was away from these fun challenges for a while, hopefully should be able to tag along and contribute by bit. These are my choices for this week.img_2797img_2889img_2902IMG_0729

Flower of the day: Moss Rose/ Portulaca oleracea 

Portulaca Oleracea or Moss rose or Pig weed is an excellent garden filler and now a days it is in full bloom because of bright sun. My garden flower beds are looking  pink as I casually dropped this carpet plant, a month ago to fill the edges. Plant is meant for full sun and hot dry areas. It’s stems are soft and fleshy, often reddish colored. Narrow fleshy leaves are covered by single or multi layered flowers, remebles rose. 

They are wide open in sun but not on cloudy days. Newer varieties may open in overcast conditions. Tolerates heat and drought; best in poor soil. Self-seeds unless soil is worked. Use for edging, ground covers, hanging baskets, planters and rock gardens.

Cee’s Flower of the Day: Pansy 

I keep on growing pansies in my garden every winters as I love to buy unique combinations and varieties but these bunch of flowers caught my attention for the simple reason that I had never seen such a small size pansy. The appearance was also different. This easily becomes my entry today. 

Have you ever grown this tiny, pure purple flowers? 
Cee’s Flower of the day 9.5.2016 # Pansy

Engines and Motors ( Cee’s Black & White )

Engines and motors @ Beer factory
Engines and motors @ Beer factory
Engines and motors @ Beer factory



Cee’s Peaches & Apricot: Wanna See Lots of it ?

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Peaches and Apricot 

I have lots of peaches in and around my garden. Monsoon brings happiness to our faces and my flowers are glad too.

Enjoy the close ups of  my gerbera blossom.DSC_0647DSC_0651DSC_0667IMG_4075DSC_9704The apricot wall around a small rectangular water pool adds some more vibrancy.DSC_9452

The city also boosts of old medieval architecture which looks royal in peaches. The famous minar stands tall and translates the history of royal kings.

DSC_0534DSC_6917DSC_6949Beautiful sunset depicting shades of peaches.DSC_1131

Poinciana for Judy ( Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge, Aug 4 2015)

Today Judy of Lifelessons shared pictures of Tabachine which is also known as Poinciana. In our part of the world it is famous as Gulmohar tree.

I had clicked few pictures when trees were in full bloom. Infact I wrote a post where I mentioned about Gulmohar.

Here are the pics for my dear friend Judy and all of you. DSC_9423

Google uncle confirms it by saying “In many tropical parts of the world it is grown as an ornamental tree and in English it is given the name Royal Poinciana or Flamboyant. It is also one of several trees known as Flame tree. In India it is known as Gulmohar in Hindi.DSC_9424

Gulmohar tree in full bloom
Gulmohar tree in full bloom
Gulmohar if full bloom
Gulmohar if full bloom

To enjoy Cee’s perfect close up of hibiscus, go HERE

Teal or Turquoise around me ( Cee’s Fun Foto )

This week’s theme is Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is Turquoise or Teal. I looked around to click few pictures with specific color and the moment I saw this painting of Buddha in my living room I knew it was perfect for the theme. Isn’t it ?DSC_4983

This fruit tree is growing in my garden. Custard apple, one of the local fruit of this belt, grown in abundance, is very sweet in taste. DSC_4733

Look at the Arabian Sea ! The water is giving the perfect reflection of greenish blue color. That’s called Turquoise color, right?

Mandavi Beach
Mandavi Beach

I feel like jumping into the pool ! Crystal clear water ! I can see the tiled floor 🙂


Turquoise Information board @ a resort