Teal or Turquoise around me ( Cee’s Fun Foto )

This week’s theme is Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is Turquoise or Teal. I looked around to click few pictures with specific color and the moment I saw this painting of Buddha in my living room I knew it was perfect for the theme. Isn’t it ?DSC_4983

This fruit tree is growing in my garden. Custard apple, one of the local fruit of this belt, grown in abundance, is very sweet in taste. DSC_4733

Look at the Arabian Sea ! The water is giving the perfect reflection of greenish blue color. That’s called Turquoise color, right?

Mandavi Beach
Mandavi Beach

I feel like jumping into the pool ! Crystal clear water ! I can see the tiled floor 🙂


Turquoise Information board @ a resort



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