Flowers and Philosophy of Life

It is the end of the season and my coleus is giving me hints. I am so charmed with these spikes having tiny blue and white flowers. They look so fragile yet pretty. Slowly the leaves will start fading and losing their bright twin colours. Today it was quite windy until afternoon. I had planned […]

Wednesday Wisdom

Looking at this beautiful brass urli filled with water, rose petals floating on it made me think about human existence. Flowers remain beautiful despite they are plucked from the tree and further the petals are separated for various purposes like decorations, making perfumes, food garnishing, and offering to God. The petals mix their scent in […]


Today India is celebrating eight day of Navratri. Temples are once again decorated and people are singing, dancing and performing Durga Pujo. This day is called Maha Ashtami. So tady sharong the glimpse of Maa Durga decorated in colourful flowers. Cee’s FOTD


A picture is worth thousand words. True that ! At times you don’t want to describe your picture. Neither any mentions nor explanation required. Just the feel of the capture is good enough. Tried to include those in today’s squares. Enjoy and hope they give you some visual pleasures and gladden your soul n spirit. […]


FOTD: 5th Oct 2021 Orchid is a glamourous flower that keeps you engaged for long as a photographer. Being a monosymmetric flower, it has many layers and both halves of the flower mirror each other therefore it naturally is an interesting subject to shoot. Found in many types and colours. Growing in one direction, these […]

FOTD : Veggies are about to come

The first flower of this season bloomed today and soon the plant will have a good amount of beans hanging on it. FOTD : October 1

FOTD: Yellow Allamanda

The flowers look so bright and cheerful on climbers. Especially when they are well -watered and receive plenty of sun shine. Common names are Golden trumpet vine, Common trumpet vine, Yellow allamanda, Pilaghanti etc.  It is a perennial flowering plant, blooms year around and get noticed for its leathery, dark green shining foliage and trumpet-shaped […]

CEE’S FOTD: Violet calendula

Calendula comes in different colours and shades but this purple calendula looks amazing. Packed with anti fungal and anti microbial properties, can prevent allergies and infections, loaded with anti inflammatory, inflammatory components, good to prevent heart disease and cancer. Best way to consume by making herbal tea by boiling the petals in water to consume […]