Flowers and Philosophy of Life

It is the end of the season and my coleus is giving me hints. I am so charmed with these spikes having tiny blue and white flowers. They look so fragile yet pretty. Slowly the leaves will start fading and losing their bright twin colours.

Today it was quite windy until afternoon. I had planned to click the picture of my coleus for today’s FOTD and had been waiting since morning for the wind to stop but these spikes kept swaying the whole day. Finally, my patience ran out and it was getting dark so I clicked one. Both the pictures are out of focus and there was no way I could make it still. I tried holding it and clicked one but my fingers came in the frame, spoiling the show.

Has it ever happened with you any time a task as small as taking a shot of a flower takes so much time due to expected distraction? I could’ve done it tomorrow as I have other pictures of flowers but I wanted it today itself. Was I being stubborn? Human nature is so complex. There are days I am so flexible and other days I am rigid. I don’t know if my thoughts are having a subtle allusion to philosophical mysteries of human behaviour. Maybe I discover it afterlife when my soul will meet Almighty. Have a super weekend all. 🙂

RDP Friday Afterlife,



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