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Looking at this beautiful brass urli filled with water, rose petals floating on it made me think about human existence. Flowers remain beautiful despite they are plucked from the tree and further the petals are separated for various purposes like decorations, making perfumes, food garnishing, and offering to God.

The petals mix their scent in whatever they put into but keep on existing till they are dry, crushed or powdered. Even then we can smell the powder and get to know which flower it belonged to.

As humans if only we can acquire the ability to adapt, change, blend but exist somehow then half of the battle would be won. We are so attached with our body, face identity, name, fame, status that we keep on living a false life at times just to preserve that. Not all but most of us. Fear of being lost in crowd, remain alone, left behind, being vanished, forgotten….all fears are there in mind which stop us to come out of identity crisis and start from a scratch at any point of time. Some people are ready to perish, break yet reluctant to change and move on.

Today I take the inspiration from these petals, existing n glowing even if they are separated from the flower, still feel together. Existence is most important, it doesn’t matter how and why ? Would love to know your views on it.

FOTD – Nov 10



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