Purple Passion

Beautiful Krishna kamal flower, also called the Passion flower…… smells heaven & looks so amazing…. creeper adorning the porch of my house My entry for today’s Cee’s FOTD 22th oct

RDP Thursday: Hirsute

Look whom did I meet during one of my nature walks last week ! It was such a beautiful black furry creature roaming in the wilderness of Anantagiri hills, hardly 2 hours drive from our current city, Hyderabad in India. I fell in love as soon as I spotted it jumping over the twigs, eating […]

WPC: Monochromatic II

Minimalist, monochromatic photos require a thoughtful eye in order to ensure that they are truly interesting, rather than mundane. Use of creative composition and angles, and a tight zoom on your subject can help produce a compelling image. You may also see my previous entry Nature in Monochromatic Mood

Tattoos of Green Season

I woke up in the morning as usual. After I came back from my school ( Yes I still go to school at this age, not to be taught but to teach ) I felt like going out for a long drive. Then I decided against as it was raining. I’m so inspired by Mrs.Angloswiss […]

Reflections of Nature

O mother you are looking so beautiful ! Mirror reflects your colors so natural ! Green attire with red, orange, yellow gems Clad in golden, you wear delicate ornaments Blue sky and water with a dash of clouds I’m speechless, beauty knows no bounds ! Is it a painting? A story? A dream to woo […]

Three Perfect Green Shots

Now a days our Prime Minister Mr.Modi is emphasizing on cleanliness and ecological awareness. Everyone is found either with a broom to clean the surroundings or with a sapling to plant. Go green is the current slogan and big corporates are showing keen interest to initiate the drive for tree plantation in their areas. Showing […]

PHOTO 101: Mystery Of Manor

 Everything is a mystery here. a ghastly figure with a hood,  a bungalow, looking spooky in green light adds to the mystery of this place. Will I ever be able to reveal it? To me it is mystery of manor…… Day 10: Mystery

A photo to unite WPC & Cee’s Photo

This is so pleasant to share. Sometimes we click an image which can be interpret in more than one way. Today I found this pic in my archive which I believe is ideal for all the three themes mentioned below. Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Bark or Leaves Cee’s Which Way Photo […]


A big thank you to Cee for choosing  GREEN  color for this week’s  Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge.  I love the spirit of green !  It stands for mother nature, prosperity, life, earth,  spring time, fertility, happiness, progress and growth. Green is the color of nature, as a nature lover I have been living in the natural environment, being away […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

This week Kevin Conboy challenged us to play with lights and interpret Refraction in creative ways. Well, this is my interpretation of Refraction. Hope you will like my choice of pics.