Three Perfect Green Shots

Now a days our Prime Minister Mr.Modi is emphasizing on cleanliness and ecological awareness. Everyone is found either with a broom to clean the surroundings or with a sapling to plant.

Go green is the current slogan and big corporates are showing keen interest to initiate the drive for tree plantation in their areas. Showing concern about environment is in and showing ignorance is out ! Synthetic is passe and organic is the new flavor of the season. I am also  doing my bit by sharing these green photos of mine though I  am of firm opinion that we don’t need slogans and projects to take care or even admire mother nature. That should come naturally to us. We are the most superior creatures made by God, extracting maximum from nature- be it natural resources, air, sunlight, water….the list is long………Just to remind you that earth looks beautiful in green……


First Shot: Look at the beautiful golden valley. This is PAHALGAM, Srinagar in Anantnag district J & K one of the most picturesque valley. A photographer’s delight, this breathtaking landscape will make you longing for clicking the most perfect shot. I am thrilled, all set to enjoy the green surroundings and capture the golden flowers in my camera while my husband and sons are busy in negotiating the prices for pony ride to explore the valley.


Second Shot: The green paddy fields of West Bengal, the largest rice producing state of India. Green looks greenest here, gives the feeling of prosperity, happiness and joy. my heart fills with gratitude standing in front of this paddy crop ready to harvest. I thank almighty for his blessings.

DSC02235Third Shot: This is a photo of Upper Shillong, Meghalaya. We are driving towards the Shillong peak, awesome weather, floating clouds uplifts your spirits, my brats are enjoying the music, Tarun is happy looking at us enjoying every bit of our outing and then I see these fields where cabbage, potato and radish are being grown by farmers. The local potato is sweet, take less time to cook  cabbage is greener, crisper as compare to the varieties grown in plains. The change of texture and taste may be due to the change in altitude, climate and soil. No pesticides or fertilizers are used for farming, manure is sufficient in these hills.  I immediately fall in love with green earth.

Looking at these Three Perfect Shots I am sure you will too. Have a green day !



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  1. Lovely pics.. 🙂 Another place, I think, which has lush green fields is Punjab. I remember seeing them on the train from Delhi to Amritsar, the scenery is beautiful.

  2. You are the greenest green I’ve ever seen. I distrust slogans. Governments do these showy little project, then the moment you relax and turn around, they build a factory and start drilling for oil or natural gas or something. I would rather see slow, steady progress. Less show, more action. More education, less publicity. Hang onto your green! It is magnificent!

    1. Thank you so much for your most encouraging feedback. I have come to attend my friend’s wedding in outskirts of the city. Hopefully catch you all in the morning with a fresh article. Dying to read yours. Smiles to you, Rashmi.

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