In our part of the world Tulsi is considered a very sacred plant and it is mostly planted in the front of the main entrance of the house. It is believed to be sacred not only due to its religious importance but also for the medicinal value. It can cure cough, cold, fever, flu, chest congestion, throat infection, joint pains and many more.  It is a cure for almost every type of fever.  You can just chew the leaves or make it’s paste to apply on skin or just boil the leaves in water to drink it as a tonic. Fortunately I have got this Tulsi plant near my kitchen garden, beautifully maintained by the previous occupants. I was so happy to see this small pillar surrounded with green hedge. I daily water the plant and lit a diya. You can call it sacred, let me call it a habit, a ritual I have been doing it since my childhood. I believe that in our religion why they must have called a number of trees sacred so that the coming generations keep on planting these species. Even if they do so please Gods there is no harm until they become superstitious. We have to draw the line and understand the difference between sacred and fear of religion. Hope I conveyed my point. 

The old new school: Live and Let Live…..

1954329911If I have to redesign a school

It will be based on one simple rule

“Live and let live” philosophy would be reintroduced

No academic torture to ruin the childhood

What’s the point teaching so many things 

When we have to produce millions of zombies

I am totally disturbed by the controversy on beef ban in India

What happened to our so called scholars, writers and social media?

Please for holy sake don’t tear the secular fabric of India

By relating cow slaughtering issue with communal beliefs

A Hindu is a hindu just because he doesn’t eat a cow ?

Ah, a beef eating person not necessarily be a muslim somehow !

Leave us alone you opportunists, sick politicians and animal industry owners

In the garb of religion you are spreading poison and misleading the educated

Wit a minute ! Educated ? To hell with their degrees and knowledge

If they fall in the trap of monsters and start accusing their own people

Vindictive debates on this issue and returning awards will not bring solidarity 

For that you need to again attend the school to learn the lesson of humanity

Save animals, not because you are a Hindu,

save them because you believe in 



Daily prompt:  You get to redesign school as we know it from the ground up. Will you do away with reading, writing, and arithmetic? What skills and knowledge will your school focus on imparting to young minds?

MahaKumbh: World’s Largest Gathering of Devotees

We are at Nasik, Maharashtra on the occasion of MahaKumbh which comes after every 12 years, is supposed to be the most grandest and largest religious activity of the Hindu devotees. Lakhs of them have gathered in ” Ram Kund”  to take a holy dip in Godavari river. It is said that doing that would wash away all the sins and one would get Moksha or freedom from the cycle of death and life. Enjoy the Mountaintops and Valleys“>pics.