In our part of the world Tulsi is considered a very sacred plant and it is mostly planted in the front of the main entrance of the house. It is believed to be sacred not only due to its religious importance but also for the medicinal value. It can cure cough, cold, fever, flu, chest congestion, throat infection, joint pains and many more.  It is a cure for almost every type of fever.  You can just chew the leaves or make it’s paste to apply on skin or just boil the leaves in water to drink it as a tonic. Fortunately I have got this Tulsi plant near my kitchen garden, beautifully maintained by the previous occupants. I was so happy to see this small pillar surrounded with green hedge. I daily water the plant and lit a diya. You can call it sacred, let me call it a habit, a ritual I have been doing it since my childhood. I believe that in our religion why they must have called a number of trees sacred so that the coming generations keep on planting these species. Even if they do so please Gods there is no harm until they become superstitious. We have to draw the line and understand the difference between sacred and fear of religion. Hope I conveyed my point. 



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  1. So long as it makes you happy and brings you peace, it doesn’t matter whether it’s truly sacred or just a ritual. Does it really cure all those ailments? What does it taste like?

  2. I have a herb garden, but have never heard of Tulsi, so I had a search in Internet. It is also known as “holy basil” which sort of puts it in a category. It also mentions that it originates in India, so probably we have no Tulsi in our country. It would be intersting to cultivate it here, just to see how it would grow and how it tastes.

    1. It has many different varieties, the best one is supposed to be having black leaves, popularly known as ‘Shyama Tulsi’. The fragrance is amazing. Tulsi tea is very soothing and cures cough cold.

  3. I just stopped by to say hello and send my blessings to your family, dear friend. I’m not blogging anymore but re-blogged a post you left a sweet comment on. ❤️ Robin

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