“The 12-Foot Teepee” is the book


Yesterday only I purchased this book on kindle which has been written by none other than Marilyn Armstrong, Serendipity fame and today this prompt came as a surprise. For old bloggers Marilyn Armstrong and her blog doesn’t need any introduction. As far as new folks out there……Few words about the author:

A strong, passionate, brave, caring, loving, an intelligent and inspiring person…..Beautiful lady, looks more beautiful when she smiles and most beautiful when she gets clicked with Garry, her affectionate husband. Together they rock. She writes without any inhibitions, calls spade a spade and motivate so many of us in so many ways. A wonderful person to know, though I found her blog on the grid and right from day one I had started enjoying her posts. More than the posts, I enjoy Angloswiss and her conversation in the comment box who is her friend ( both golden oldies and young at heart) and a Pulitzer prize fame blogger 🙂 ( visit her blog to know more)

Now coming to her book, so far very captivating. I am reading it on kindle so can’t exactly find page 82 but presently Loc 283 and I have read 8% of it. Sharing few lines from the book:

” As far as Lucas was concerned, it really didn’t matter what he did or didn’t do. My father just wanted to hurt him. One way or another, if not by administering a physical beating, my father had an endless torrent of verbal abuse waiting for Luke every day, at every waking hour. The verbal abuse was as soul-destroying to my brother as the beatings and sexual abuse.”

I can’t wait to finish it soon so happy blogging friends and enjoy connecting the dots. Take care 🙂

The Daily Post prompt: Open your nearest book to page 82. Take the third full sentence on the page, and work it into a post somehow.



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    1. When you write a book, it is like raising a child, you feel happy and proud when someone praises it…..just like a mother having twinkles of joy and love in her eyes, right? 🙂

  1. That great to hear…Didn’t know about the book but shall ry laying my hands on it soon…Thanks for letting us know ..Even I enjoy Maryln’s photographs and honest musings a lot…. 🙂

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