Hope I am not the last to write last words !


My last post…..my last post? I haven’t yet celebrated my first anniversary here !

Let me write few more…….let me write few more

Among so many thanking notes and farewell speeches

I’m afraid mine is one of the last post showing here

Let me thank you all from the core….thank more

For all the support, love and affection shown

Despite struggles….ah! those pingbacks and grid there

These are definitely not my last words here

I will come back for sure…. will come back for sure

That’s all for now….attending a wedding here

Music, dance, crowd…Indian wedding at its peak

Couldn’t resist blogging, it is a magic pure !

Slow disease yet so demure 🙂

Three Perfect Green Shots

Now a days our Prime Minister Mr.Modi is emphasizing on cleanliness and ecological awareness. Everyone is found either with a broom to clean the surroundings or with a sapling to plant.

Go green is the current slogan and big corporates are showing keen interest to initiate the drive for tree plantation in their areas. Showing concern about environment is in and showing ignorance is out ! Synthetic is passe and organic is the new flavor of the season. I am also  doing my bit by sharing these green photos of mine though I  am of firm opinion that we don’t need slogans and projects to take care or even admire mother nature. That should come naturally to us. We are the most superior creatures made by God, extracting maximum from nature- be it natural resources, air, sunlight, water….the list is long………Just to remind you that earth looks beautiful in green……


First Shot: Look at the beautiful golden valley. This is PAHALGAM, Srinagar in Anantnag district J & K one of the most picturesque valley. A photographer’s delight, this breathtaking landscape will make you longing for clicking the most perfect shot. I am thrilled, all set to enjoy the green surroundings and capture the golden flowers in my camera while my husband and sons are busy in negotiating the prices for pony ride to explore the valley.


Second Shot: The green paddy fields of West Bengal, the largest rice producing state of India. Green looks greenest here, gives the feeling of prosperity, happiness and joy. my heart fills with gratitude standing in front of this paddy crop ready to harvest. I thank almighty for his blessings.

DSC02235Third Shot: This is a photo of Upper Shillong, Meghalaya. We are driving towards the Shillong peak, awesome weather, floating clouds uplifts your spirits, my brats are enjoying the music, Tarun is happy looking at us enjoying every bit of our outing and then I see these fields where cabbage, potato and radish are being grown by farmers. The local potato is sweet, take less time to cook  cabbage is greener, crisper as compare to the varieties grown in plains. The change of texture and taste may be due to the change in altitude, climate and soil. No pesticides or fertilizers are used for farming, manure is sufficient in these hills.  I immediately fall in love with green earth.

Looking at these Three Perfect Shots I am sure you will too. Have a green day !

New Friends On The Block

When was the last time you felt really, truly lonely?

My husband is camping in deserts, elder son stays in hostel and younger one busy in writing his exams……that doesn’t mean I feel alone. Loneliness is a state of mind. I never feel alone especially since I have started blogging. What wonderful friends I have made here ! I love communicating with them. Their posts are so full of life, their words gives hope and soothing music relaxes my soul.

I haven’t met them even once but looking at their photos I feel as if I have known them for years. I like to meet their family members too, where husbands, daughters, sons, grand children, dogs, felines all make a lovely world whom I miss if I’m off blogging due to personal commitments. I wish to visit and chat with them for long hours. One of them is a big foodie !!!

The other day I was just sitting in my garden and watching these squirrels play. They are my new friends who have just joined the old ones like pea-cock, bat, red-wattled lapwing ( already been introduced before) in my garden.

They both run from pillar to post all day long, look so busy always climbing up and down the trees, across the hedges and walls. They both look similar having slender bodies with bushy tails and big eyes, have sturdy paws for grasping and climbing.

I love to see them feeding on grains I scatter for them in the morning. They keep on eating happily, once contented both of them start playing again as if they want to catch each other.

Having both of them around along with my flowers and butterflies I never feel alone but yes I confess that there are days when I miss my parents and other family members. Due to my husband’s job we can’t stay with them permanently, at times cut off from the relatives but that’s the way life is. It goes on……

Local Flavor: Swarm of Cattle

A typical scene on roads from near by town gives me a local flavor everytime I cross the highway. The passing cattle bring the traffic to stand still. We often face traffic jams because of this swarm crossing the road at its own convenient speed. The Indian cattle love to  take nap right in the middle of the road. Stuck in one of such jams I captured this one.

DSC_4851 Continue reading Local Flavor: Swarm of Cattle

A Plot Of Earth: In my opinion

You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?

Sounds like a dream ! Can’t believe it ! LAND being the most valuable non renewable natural resource,

is itself so safe and best investment that I would just keep this plot for few years without doing anything to sell it one day in order to earn huge profits since it will be sold four times more than the amount I would have paid for it ! Continue reading A Plot Of Earth: In my opinion

Writing 201: Poetry; Journey

Today I have tried to write few lines in a poetic form known as ‘Limerick’.

  • Limericks are traditionally composed of five lines of verse.
  • The traditional rhyming scheme of a limerick is a a b b a — the first two lines rhyme, then the next two, and the final verse rhymes with the first couplet.
  • Here is my contribution: Journey 

I walked on this earth before
In the woods, along the shore
Fast pace, at times slow
I have evolved, grow
Withered, tired, need to walk more?

IMAG1928_1 Check more posts here.

My Kind Of Place…..

I don’t hear screaming sirens, no heavy tread of boots here

No tramping, dumping of waste, white puffy fluffy clouds here

Lush green alpine trees, rocky mountains, pristine lakes here

Angels dance in moonlit play, the song of nightingale  here

Waters deep, path edgy, cliffy, valley of colorful flowers here

Who has any desire of wealth? I am the fortunate soul here