The Wedding Bells; Part 10 ( Flash Fiction Chain #6)

img_9020-fileminimizer Once again, a group of writers from different geographical realms encompassing all of Earth gather together to create a wonderful story. The photograph above serves as the inspirational theme for the 6th Flash Fiction Chain hosted by Jithin of ProTraBlogger. Give his beautiful site a visit and feast your eyes on the inspirational photos or read about his adventures.

Well this time in FFC, as its the time of Valentines day, our theme is love, romance etc. Making it a world class love story with no Sad moments. Everyone would love to read a perfect love story.

A comprehensive list of important characters in the story:

(Main) Anna Brighton- a 32 year old CEO that owns and runs a publishing company

Alex Burns – well established author, Anna’s ex,

Toby Blackwell’s cousin Melissa Doyle – the bride, Anna’s dear friend Toby Blackwell – co-owns the Blackwell estate,

Alexis’ cousin (Supporting characters) Jenny- Anna’s secretary Adam – Owner of Adam and Eve’s Harrison – Melissa’s fiance.

Percy Tuppence – Owner of the ring shop

The story goes like this: Anna is a publisher pushing to get a contract with the eminent author and heartthrob Alex. She is not sure of his feelings though and hopes that life would get more interesting when and if she meets a someone special at a friend’s wedding. What happens there……  

Part 1 : Written by Sona

Part 2 : Written by Yinglan

Part 3 : Written by Priceless Joy

Part 4 : Written by Frenesthetist

Part 5 : Written by Dr. KO

Part 6 : written by Sweety

Part 7 : Written by Toby Blackwell 😉

Part 8 : Written by Ruth

Part 9 :  Written by Austin

I am writing part 10 of this story

Anna was the first one to get down from the car as soon as they reach Blackwell estate. She ran towards the gate without even bothering about the boys as if they were not existing, climbing the stairs all at once, pushed the door hard and stopped to find Melissa looking out of the window desperately.

Mil turned quickly towards the door before she could ask anything Anna hugged her cautiously not to spoil her bridal attire. Anna pulled her away, held her from both the shoulders and gave a complimentary gaze. Melissa was looking absolutely stunning in white flowing gown embedded with crystals at the hem of the neckline and sleeves with a long trail at the back attached to it. A small glittering tiara was sitting aesthetically on her head. Her face was glowing with the perfect make up. Kohled eyes opened wide after a glance of Anna soaked in sweat, her mascara coated eye lashes fluttered twice and this time the eyes narrowed in frustration.

” O Lord where were you all these hours? What was that crap you told me on phone? For Heaven sake will you utter the goddamn reason why you got late? Where is Toby?” she commanded.

Anna was perplexed with the trail of questions thrown at her. Though she had mentally prepared herself to face Melissa’ s anger but the urgency in her voice made it more worse for Anna to say anything. Her mouth went dry due to the fatigue and disappointment caused to her dear friend.

” The moment we collected the ring it got stolen, then that expensive and shiny hunk of junk Toby had broke down and then we were running, somehow got hold of that bastard and seized back the ring.” she did not feel right at that moment to share Ms. Beaumount’s episode. She wondered if Mil knew about Harry’s forgetfulness. Mellisa sighed leaving herself on a chair near the window. She was much relieved now. Anna went down on her knees to sit across Mil and placed her hands on her lap, her gaze penetrated deeply on Mil.

” Calm down sweetheart, everything gonna alright ! you just relax and enjoy the day.” Mil made an effort to smile. ,” Gosh ! you are looking so pretty ! How did you manage to look hot and graceful both at the same time?” winked Anna.

” If I say yes, and in three months’ time Harry had enough of trying to mold me into something I was not….I mean graceful yet million dollar bucks !” grinned Mil. “Let me get ready. I should be looking presentable in the church.” chirped Anna.

” Go my girl, guests must not remember this wedding for the most ill-dressed maid of honor they would meet so far.” teased Mil.

Anna finished her make up with one last coat of shimmering cherry lip gloss to make her pout look fuller, highlighted her cheek bones with same shade blusher, her skin looked flawless after the concealer layer and foundation. She dusted some loose glitter on her exposed bare shoulders, cape and legs. The velvet black dress ended two inches above the knees, revealing her mid thighs.

” Why I am so conscious today about my look?” she tried to ignore the thought flashed in her mind and left the room in hurry. “My my someone is looking terrific today ! You smell so nice Anna ! complimented Mil.

Anna’s cheeks heat at the realization that she had used perfume for the first time in life ! So far only subtle deodorants worked for her. Holy crap ! When did I spray it ? she thought.

” Good for a change no?” she said sheepishly.

” Hey, Anna, Mellisa !  We are waiting for you girls…..come fast !” called Toby. Alex was waiting for them, car parked in the portico since he promised Mil to drive her to Church on her wedding day, Toby was waiting outside and looked restless.They both gave thumbs up to Mellisa for looking so beautiful. Toby kissed Mil gently. Mellisa came and sat carefully holding her tiara, Toby lifted her gown’s train above the ground to avoid tripping while entering the car.

” Toby, can you please help Anna in bringing the gift packs kept in the dressing room. Don’t forget to bring my vanity box for the final touch up. I want to look best in pictures.” requested Mil.

“Of course ! at your service ma’am.” he went inside, this made Alex tensed. The lights were dim. Toby adjusted his eyes looking for Anna. ” Anna, are you there?” he whispered softly.

” Yeah, Come this way, I m here !” a meek voice came from the dressing room. Toby pushed the half opened door, astonished to see Anna standing in front of the mirror with holding her dress tightly with her twisted hands, elbows resting at her waist. He got a glance of her bare back. She looked exhausted.

” What’s wrong with you Anna?” inquired Toby. ” O Toby, Its the dress malfunction….the zip of my dress…she was hesitant to speak, can you please do something to fix it… lock it for heaven sake…she pleaded.

” Good Grief ! How the hell you managed this Anna?…… looks complicated though still let me try. He held the dress from both the ends and tried bringing them as close as possible. Anna could feel his trembling fingers on her warm body. She felt weak on her knees. Her arms were aching, holding the dress for so long.

” For God sake Anna leave the damn dress ! Trust me. I will not let it fall down” Toby’s voice was authoritative. ” I trust you !  You can switch on more lights. I switched off everything except this lamp since was feeling embarrassed.” muttered Anna. ”

she could see Toby’s reflection in the mirror, he was too involved in the act, trying hard to keep the physical touch minimum. ” Yes ! I did it ! he declared. The zip was functional and the dress adorned Anna’s body like before. Anna turned to Toby, stretching his hands and back after a strenuous workout. He is so good looking ! Suddenly Anna found herself staring Toby. What am I doing? She just couldn’t divert her attention away from him.”Thank you so much. You really saved me from this disaster .”

“My pleasure Anna. Now if you are done with your thanking speech, can we reach there soon before Mellisa send the search team to find both of us?” he chuckled.

“Mil will never do that !” Anna came closer. Her eyes fixed on Toby’s eyes which went wide with her tone. Here is my way to reciprocate Tobs ! she leaned forward to feel the length of her body against her his broad muscular chest, her mouth close to his, her hands on his well built shoulders. This swift action took him by surprise. He gently held her hand at the nape of her neck and pressed her mouth against his.

“You know now how to lock the zip. Do you know how to unlock it?” she murmurs against her mouth..

” What? Come again ! ” reacted Toby. ” Yeah ! you heard right Tobs… Undress me” she pulled her hand towards her back.

” You know what? You are mad ! I swear….one brave woman I just met. I am in awe of you.” he kisses her lips gently and said, “Don’t test my patience. I cannot be trusted blindly.”

“I trust you Toby Blackwell ! ” Oh my God what am I saying ! Anna shrinked into her arms. Toby unlocked the zip slowly, her dress slipped down, he made her stood straight, got up from the chair and lifted her in his arms to make her lay on the bed.Her heart was pounding.They passionately made love.

Alex became more restless with each passing minute. Anna and Toby’s absence was not very pleasant for him. The stage was set. Rings had to be exchanged within no time. The couple had to take wedding vows but the maid of honor was missing. Alex felt pained for Mellisa, ” I will be back soon, don’t worry.” he assured Mil, headed for parking area at once. He was driving fast towards Blackwell estate…..

Will Alex reach Blackwell estate? Will the wedding take place as scheduled? What kind of relation will Anna and Toby share in

future? Will Alex accept it happily?

To know all this read the next part  written by Pheena .



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    1. Yes I Anna and Alex could not have gone far for the simple reason they both have crossed their stage of passionate and wild love. Toby is much younger and he brought the raw factor in Anna’s dry love life.

    1. I started with Anna & Alex then replaced him with Toby thinking the story has been set up in a mordrrn set up. Why she has to be loved by her old boy friend…past is past in today’s scanerio….Let Alex be an her ex.

      1. No problem..I am going to be bust for some more fact may not be able to join as often as I would like to , since will be joining my better half in N.E till the next posting in a few months….It is difficult to stay away though 😀

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