My Kind Of Place…..

I don’t hear screaming sirens, no heavy tread of boots here

No tramping, dumping of waste, white puffy fluffy clouds here

Lush green alpine trees, rocky mountains, pristine lakes here

Angels dance in moonlit play, the song of nightingale  here

Waters deep, path edgy, cliffy, valley of colorful flowers here

Who has any desire of wealth? I am the fortunate soul here




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    1. Hi Andy, I was searching for your post on the grid just after I finished with mine. You found me first ! You are a gem. I was away for a while and so glad to feel connected again 🙂

      1. ~Feels like his face will be tomato all day~ 😀 yep! it’s morning, Um 9:55 to be exact and kicking off a day with my little lady 🙂

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