Today it is all about this huge & most peacuful creature on the earth. He is blessed with black & whte contrast though not excatly black but it certainly gives the feel of this contrastic effect. Enjoy the pics and don’t miss the trunk close up.


Marilyn invited her friends to accept this challenge. I liked this concept. So here I am, with my choices of B & W photos on fourth day.

It turns out that no one is quite sure where this challenge originated, but everyone seems to be enjoying it. It’s got only two rules:
1. On 5 consecutive days, create a post using one of your photos in B&W. It doesn’t have to be new or any particular subject. Just black and white.
2. Each day, invite another blog friend to join in the fun. The hard part is finding people who haven’t done it already, and would like to play.


On fourth day I would like to invite my friend Kathleen from Malasyia to join the fun. She is very good with camera and I enjoy her travel posts very much. Hope she finds time to click some b & w shots to share.




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  1. I totally LOVE elephants. I got to ride one, just once, when I was a very little girl. We treat them so badly. I hope we find a way to share our world with them and let them live in peace. Thank you. this is beautiful.

    1. I truly appreciate your concern for this docile creature. We as humans must come forward to do all possible efforts to rehabilitate them in forests where they belong to.This is so wonderful to know that you got elephant ride as a young girl. I am sure you cherish the memories even now.

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