blockBefore I talk about writer’s block party let me put you across these questions ;
  • Do you write to write or  do you have to write as a writer ?
  • Is writing natural to you  or  is it a deliberate/forced effort?
  • Do you write ,what inspires you  or   you write popular topics to remain in news circle ?
  • Do you write when you feel like   or   write to meet crazy deadlines ?
  • Is writing your instinct  or   just to prove that you can also write like anybody else ?

If you relate to first part of the question then my friend you are in safe zone.Sky is the limit for you ! but if you belong to latter category then you really need to know about writer’s block and all strartagies to outsmart this syndrome. One click and search engines will efficiently churn out numerous links available on net.


It is all in mind. Like any other mental block it targets a writer, suffering from lack of motivation, too much pressure and who is low on confidence.If you think its just not working , it will happen eventually otherwise it is not at all there.I don’t think we should be scared too much of going blank at any stage of writing to further dampen the spirit to write.


Nothing can block my way if I have to write. The sheer pleasure and satisfaction I get from writing down my own thoughts  is unparalleled. It has to be a way of life rather than source of  worry.I breathe,eat,drink, pray along with I write too.Writers writing  with a aim of earning  big moolah, fame or instant popularity may face this obstacle anytime for they are working against deadlines, latest topics,trends and competition. It was so surprising to know that writer’s block did not exist until 1990 !


Look around you for inspiration. The Sun shines,the Earth rotates,flowers bloom,wind blows ; all perform their tasks in a calm and focused manner. A lion has to hunt its prey, if distracts from its aim, remains hungry..Remember it is always survival of the fittest.


One has to overcome all distractions in order to have smooth flow of thoughts. WRITE WELL,WRITE  SURE AND WRITE PURE. Keep all temptations at bay and judge  your emotions honestly. Put your spirit into the soul of your writing and see all hurdles will vanish.

The Success Mantra is read to know ,read to write, not to push yourself hard, be motivated, write what pleases you without thinking about views and readership. Believe me the goodness of your heart will shine through your words slowly but surely and will reach far ……!!!!

Sharing  this inspirational Quote  by William Faulkner,   “Don’t be a writer ; be writing”


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  1. The great thing is you put the spirit in your writing, my friend! Great observations. I write to tell stories to hopefully someday publish a book or write a funny screenplay. I am not famous, but would handle it gracefully and generously to others, too! Smiles, Robin

    1. I get that about you Robin. You could be the next Oprah…generously and warmly blessing the world with your gifts.
      I’d read your books and screenplay! (Maybe one day we’ll collaborate on one…maybe the screenplay…my friend thinks I should write one.) Keep on writing Robin! Enjoy, Marie :0)

  2. Rashmi, I LOVE this post…so full of spirit and honesty. As a writer, your words about nature resonated with me. That’s where I have to go back…don’t want that hungry lion! And the cartoon and interesting fact about Writer’s Block…made me laugh…
    Keep on writing Rashmi. You have a great gift for weaving and moving a story. I love visiting here. AND your awesome poetry contributions… Have a most wondermous day. Marie :0)

  3. Truth be told, I’m constantly forcing myself to write more because i’m trying to keep my blog alive. Thats why i’ve stopped writing for a while. to get my sense of passionate writing back and to stop writing to catch deadlines.

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