I was one of them, a face in the crowd.


Yet another interesting topic for this week’s Serendipity Photo Prompt 2015 # 8. It is: A FACE IN THE CROWD

I remember till date how much I enjoyed my trip to ‘Hornbill Festival’ ( also known as Wood stock of North-East India) held between 1st dec. to 10th dec. every year at Kisama Heritage Village, 10 kms away from Kohima, the capital of Nagaland.

Tourists come from all corners of the world to witness this spectacular showcase of Naga life style and culture. It is a destination for pork lovers since it is the staple diet of Naga people. The smell of smoked pork is in the air. The tribal huts offer other traditional varieties of Pork. Naga food is healthy, organic and boiled. I have shared the pictures of Naga huts & food in the second entry of this prompt.

It is an annual affair where from the very first day one is exposed to vibrant and most ciolorful world of dance, music and traditions. Watching the Naga tribes moving deliberately on drum beats in synchronized manner was so delightful. Sitting with wonderful Naga people was an unique experience in itself. Please click here for  most fun pictures and full fledged post on Hornbill festival.


We all belonged to one planet. How amazing we were looking together ! And how much my husband, Mr. Soul was enjoying the performances for a change. He was not feeling bored, what else I wanted ? :) 


Next day we reached stadium early than the scheduled time just to find an ideal place to watch the performances. It became crowded within no time. Mr.Soul was busy clicking while I wondered…..

People from all over the world were sitting and enjoying together. Brits, Americans, Indians, tribals, professionals, photographers, art and heritage lovers, tourists and many others were so excited to be part of that grand festival, we became a sort of big family for those seven days or so.

soulnspiritblogWhy can’t we stay like this forever…….
A world of equals, no bully and quarrels……
Create a place ideal for love, no barriers…….




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  1. So wonderful to see these people from the world to enjoy the special performance. Great photos, Rashmi. 🙂

  2. That looks really fascinating. Great pictures too. Clearly your husband has an eye, too 🙂 We have similar festivals for various tribal and ethnic groups, but none are so large a gathering. Great post and thank you!

  3. I enjoyed this and like to hear different types of music and see gatherings of diverse cultures. Thanks for sharing this fantastic photo. Guess what? My cell phone connects to your computer or at least to your blog. 🙂

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