Truth of Auspicious Hands ( Serendipity Photo Prompt)

I prefer truth and honesty especially when I have to share something on social media. Honesty always pays in long run therefore truth is what I’m going to write here too by responding to a wonderful topic rather than playing repeats.

We do karma with hands. Do charity with them. Good deeds and bad deeds all are done with hands. Hands play vital role in shaping up our present as well as our future.

Marilyn in her Serendipity Photo Prompt post writes, “Hands are more telling. Just look at the callouses. You can see what work each person has done — or not done — during his or her life. Hands can be nervous, all motion, darting about like birds. Some of us talk with our hands. Sing with them, pray with them, build with them. Eyes see and reflect, but hands work and play. And make love.”   What a lovely perception ! 


Sony 518

Hands decorated with heena or Mehendi are considered to be auspicious in our part of world. It is said that when daughters, daughter in laws decorate their hands with intricate patterns of Heena or Mehendi during festivities or pooja, it brings wealth and prosperity at home.

I apply heena on various occasions like Deepawali and Karva Chauth fasting. I am not a very good artist but manage to draw a neat pattern on left hand. Right hand is generally left for my kids and husband to let them show their creativity. Looking at the photo If you think that they have done a wonderful job then you definitely overestimated them as artists. I got it made through a professional. Enjoy one more pattern of last year’s festivities.Sony 011

The other way we went for a walk in one of the botanical parks where we came across the tree having small green bulbs like fruits. The fruit had soft green bristles on its outer covering. My husband plucked and opened one of the fruit. Of course with the  gardener’s permission friends.DSC_5121

He rubbed the seeds in his hands and it was actually red in color ! Wow ! Natural vermilion or sindoor was so pure and free of dangerous chemicals. No fear of skin reactions, allergies.

Actually the fruit is used for making sindoor which holds a lot of importance in Indian society. It is a dot worn in the parting of hair by married ladies. It is seen as a mark of a married woman in Hinduism.DSC_5122

That’s all from me regarding auspicious hands. By the way hands are very useful for bloggers, right? Keep typing friends.chained



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  1. Beautiful designs in the heenah (henna, around here 🙂 ) tattoos. I wish I knew more about the meanings. This is a beautiful post, not just the pictures, but the thoughts … and very much on target. Thank you so much for your participation. You are very special.

    1. There are many spellings of mehendi art showing presence on the net. Henna is absolutely right. The moment I saw the topic I knew I had to share this.

  2. Just so beautiful, Rashmik! So much details here. It must take patience to finish it. I’m impressed.
    Keeping typing… 🙂

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