Now at this point of life I wonder at times that do dreams really get fulfilled? 

If yes then right now I am sitting at the bank of the river and dreaming to float forever…,,

Floating, I dream to enter the other continents..,,,,

I dream of meeting those wonderful people living on other land masses.,,,

I dream of smelling those flowers blooming in their gardens…..

I dream of learning a trick or two about photography…… of woods and bridges outside the houses..,..

I wish to capture Mr. & Mrs. W in their nests. 

I dream….. to get time to blog daily…..

I dream to get my youth again..,..O yes, I am sweet sixteen again…eyes full of dreams and heart full of passion to be successful in life……to do something worth in life…


Thursday Photo Prompt: The Chest #write photo


What’s inside this ancient chest?

That’s what an old man told

Who bought this box of secrets here.

“Accounts of wars, chronicles attest

 Moist uniforms, commander’s behest

Those who were buried, taking rest

Swords of kings, helmets of soldiers

Blood stained arrows pierced through chest

Rust coated knives, broken shovels

Saga of bravery, story of blood test

Tears and pain of kith and kin

Tortured souls wounded and dead

Crushed dreams, young widows

Kings turned monks to fulfill quest

The chest is like archives to dead and arrest

How can you miss a tainted crest !”

Let’s find out those magical keys

And open this corroded mystery

Oh, the keys were bent and pressed

The old man had thrown it away and said,

“Don’t take the war devil out

If you want a peaceful nest.”

Mundane Monday #59

Mumbai Surburban railway  is the cheapest mode of public transportation in Mumbai. It would not be exaggeration if I call one of the busiest commuter rail system in the world, blood veins of Mumbai without which Mumbai, the financial capital of India eould come to standstill.  

Though it generally runs overcrowded but one of the days when there were hardly any passangers in the bogie I got a chance to click photos of the hangers below. They are used to seek support while standing in a moving train.  

They are mundane and almost invisible because of the crowd but I had fun shooting them. 


Of course they both are pets. Not ours. This tiny kitten and docile canine belongs to the couple who are our friends.

This week’s  Serendipity Photo Prompt 2015- 30 revolves around pets. I don’t know much about them as I don’t have one. Not yet prepared to take the responsibility. 

Whatever little time we spent with our friends these two creatures kept on moving around us. They licked our feet, sat on Tarun’s lap since he is very fond of dogs, he had a Pomeranian who died just before our marriage.

They  both never left us for a single minute and we too enjoyed their presence. This Pet photo shoot was done by me while Tarun was busy playing with them. _DSC2304.JPG_DSC2322_DSC2314_DSC2296_DSC2290.JPG_DSC2328.JPG

I must admit this was the first time I stayed with a dog for the entire day and being with him I never felt as if he couldn’t speak or understand our language. In fact they both communicated so perfectly with their gestures and their body language conveyed it all. The waggling tail, the bright eyes, licking and smelling and other signals were good enough to know their state of mind.  So expressive. Just like Amber, Bonnie, Bishop or like Dusty and swiss feline Tabby.That’s all for this week.  



I’m sure majority of countries in this world have a long list of sacrifices made by unsung heroes. The cost of freedom being enjoyed by us today is priceless. It increases our respect for war veterans many folds. Many of them were leading very comfortable and prosperous life. But they had bought pain to gift us the taste of freedom that we enjoy today . We must be grateful to them for their selfless services to their land and the sacrifices made in the process. FUN PHOTOS 052

Similarly, the sacrifices made by Indian soldiers to maintain the territorial integrity of our nation would not have been possible without hardships and against insurmountable odds. World wars under colonial rule were fought. Later as independent nation, Indo-China war, Indo-Pak wars and Kargil attack were testing times and they are alive today to share the glorious stories of the wars. The war veterans must be looked after well. 

The broken country, divided into two.

It is unfortunate that today they have to protest for their rights and do demonstrations to seek attentions of politicians who are busy making fortune and expanding their vote banks. They will only realize it the day enemy will knock at the door. By the time it will be too late. Many soldiers would’ve hanged their boots by then. Many more would’ve return their medals. It is shameful for a country where the war veterans have to remind them about their existence holding banners and shouting slogans.0

The War Cemetery in Kohima, India has the famous inscription, “When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say, For Your Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today”—The Kohima Epitaph is attributed to John Maxwell Edmonds and is thought to have been inspired by the epitaph of Simonides written by Simonides to honour the Spartans who fell at the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC.


The Kohima War Memorial is located in the center of Kohima city, capital of the Indian state of Nagaland, at the location where a decisive battle was won by the Allied Forces during the Second World War, forcing the Japanese army to retreat.1538653_10201394928223094_1430521623_n

In March 1944, the Japanese 15th Army attacked the British troops stationed in Kohima and Imphal in northeast India with intent to prevent an attack on Burma. In the first week of April, the Japanese attacked at Kohima and Imphal via Mizoram from the Indo-Burma border, to destroy the supply bases of the British. They laid siege on the Allied forces stationed at Kohima and also at Imphal.

Reaching Kohima during April 1944, the Japanese 15th Army occupied a strategic location on Garrison Hill and continually attacked a small contingent of the Commonwealth forces, which successfully held their ground until reinforcements were brought in. The war involved hand-to-hand fighting between the opposing forces, the Commonwealth forces prevailed over the Japanese forces and forced them to retreat in defeat resulted in heavy casualties on both sides. This was the turning point for the Allied forces. As told by locals to us, checked on wikipedia. RAMBAN CAMP 167

So many war memorials situated in many corners of our country remind us the stories of bravehearts who never blinked an eye while standing in front of death then why should the Prime Minister have to take so much time to announce OROP ? ( one rank one pension) It would be a perfect tribute for these real heroes of the country. Justice must be done at the first ray of next dawn.

This was my contribution on Veterans Day:  Serendipity Photo Prompt 2015 – 29

Early Morning view from my lens

It is early, early morning, it’s that time when it is still dark but you know the day is coming.

Blue is bleeding through black. Stars are dying.100_6496

I was able to capture some of the most beautiful glimpses of nature when I woke up early to click. Fortunately this is the topic of this week’s Serendipity Photo Prompt 2015 # 12-Early 

I am so happy to share some of my photographs which I took when I was not late !

As a photographer and a traveller my thumb rule is to leave my comfort zone as early as possible preferably before the crack of the dawn. It is so soothing to see nature and objects in a totally different perspective when slowly the envelope of mist fades away and the mountains ranges glitter as sunlight spreads and darkness elopes on earth.

The best photographs are obtained during dusk and dawn. I like capturing different moods of nature, clouds and sky for that I have to catch up that beautiful early morning light.DSC_3661

One of my most favorite photo of two peacocks, bathing in sun rays couldn’t have happened if I was late.


I love that tiny space of time when no one speaks except nature. There is so much calmness in the environment. I like to to go for walks as the morning walks bless my whole day. I value the silence, the feeling of being alive.

This valley of yellow flowers enthralled us with its beauty as we took a sharp turn, driving on a curvaceous road in hills. How could I cross it without having a photo for keeps. DSC_4194

It seems that God has kept few landscapes for early risers only and I’m one of those lucky ones to enjoy it fully. Go, set your alarms to catch the first glimpse of early morning !


My Purple Passion !

I had been dreaming of a small pond filled with lotus flowers in my garden. Whenever I got a ground floor house I tried to create a small water body having lilies and other water plants along with some hydra greens. It didn’t happened in last station since it used to rain a lot over there. Moreover temperatures were not suitable for water gardening.

Seasons and soils play major role in gardening. Fortunately my dream is shaping up. Slowly and beautifully.

I am so happy ! Thanks to the present city and current season that finally I am a proud owner of my small ( very small ) pool with purple lotus floating in it !DSC_9450

Yes, purple lotus ! I am so grateful to the gardener of “Chitvan Jungle Lodge” for making my dream come true. How?

Last year during my Kanha National Park trip we stayed in Chitvan Jungle Lodge.(one of the finest resorts of Kanha National Park, Madya Pradesh) There was a big man made water pool at the entrance on which small wooden bridge was made to connect the road and the entrance of reception area of the resort, While my husband was busy tying up for morning safari with the manager of the resort I stood on the bridge and kept on admiring gorgeous blooms in the pond.

In the meanwhile the gardener came there and started telling me about this rare variety of lotus. I don’t know how he guessed that I wanted those flowers. He went away and I started clicking photos.DSC_5070

It was our third and final day of safari and we were leaving after having lunch. While we were packing our stuff he came to us holding a polythene bag. He placed it on the table. I took the bag to check the stuff inside it. I was so surprised to find the saplings of purple lotus , neatly packed for us to take home. He said that it won’t go bad for another three days. I just had to remove the polythene sheet and plant it in a big vessel filled with half water and half sand mixture. He gave few more instructions on how to take care of water plants.

We were so touched by his gesture that inspite of having my inhibitions, I took that packet and thanked him for such a beautiful return gift. I came home and took a flat earthen pot and planted it carefully.DSC_9710

My husband, Tarun got a small rectangular pool made in the garden. We transferred the saplings in the pool. Tarun, kids including my house help, maid had their doubts about it but they were taking care, monitoring and watering it regularly. Leaves became bigger.

In three weeks the results were showing and we could see the water body filling up with new leaves.. Voila ! There were some more buds floating !

And here came the first and most special lotus !


Absolutely stunning ! It brought smiles to our faces and happiness to our hearts. We as a family could feel a sense of achievement. Our efforts and constant monitoring had paid off finally.DSC_9452

My water plants were expanding so fast that soon the rectangular space seemed less. We had to take an early action. I selected another space in my garden and called the mason to dig deeper and broader. Tarun suggested circle and I wanted an oval pool.

I am the queen of my house so it had to be an oval ! The bigger ( oval ) pool was ready to fill in the water ! Where was the delay ?

One more shifting was required and now it looks like this. We have to do the finishing touch. I think some white round pebbles will look good around the boundary, no?  Can you suggest something else to make it an eye appealing feature ? DSC_9708DSC_9713

The blooms are going to be like this in summers and monsoon. I am not sure about winters. Let winters arrive. I will check on net. Any advice on lotus care in different seasons is most welcome. Presently enjoying the much awaited monsoon. Rains…..DSC_5073

In response to Serendipitous Photo Prompt 2015- 9