Mundane Monday #59

Mumbai Surburban railway  is the cheapest mode of public transportation in Mumbai. It would not be exaggeration if I call one of the busiest commuter rail system in the world, blood veins of Mumbai without which Mumbai, the financial capital of India eould come to standstill.  

Though it generally runs overcrowded but one of the days when there were hardly any passangers in the bogie I got a chance to click photos of the hangers below. They are used to seek support while standing in a moving train.  

They are mundane and almost invisible because of the crowd but I had fun shooting them. 



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  1. Great post, only been on the trains may be four times in Mumbai – oh it’s just tooooo hard. I find crossing the roads hard. Love your writing style and enjoy your posts. It is nice to get the Mumbai perspective from a someone living and breathing it each and every day. Mumbai is crazy but I also in a weird way enjoy it. It is not organised as London, but it has it charms. India has it charms. Thanks for the nice post.

    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment. I don’t live in Mumbai but my elder son lives. I keep on going to meet him frequently. It is a big metropolitan with its unique charm. I wish to visit London sometime in my life but as of now I am exploring my part of world,.

  2. Exactly like the body-to-body morning commute on the New York City subway system. i really hated it, but New York is so congested, there was no other way to get from one place to another quickly. The streets were permanently — still are — gridlocked.

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