Already faced the burnt

Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab?

I already faced the worst of fire last week, still not came out of the shock fully that my favorite electric gadgets except my Bose music system were damaged in that destructive surge. Anyway I don’t want to talk about it since my last two posts were dedicated to it. You can read the details how the things happened and how I was cut off for two days from the e-world. Here I am trying to grab the things which I missed. I read few posts today on the reader, wrote my dailt prompt, played Lexicographer and told you all about the new word- Postingography. Some of you missed it? Hey check it here.

No more fire for me. Let me enjoy some normalcy in my home. I can’t spend more on repairs. When that unfortunate surge happened I couldn’t grab my five things. Quickly I rushed to switch off and take out the plugs by then there were brownouts. If I had a choice I would have grab my mac, mobile phone, my i pod and Bose sound dock and of course my camera battery if it was on charging.

That’s all. Hopefully I woiuld get out of it soon and post few pics for the coming challenges, didn’t feel like sitting on computer since I missed my mac. Now I have got my new charger so the action starts soon….. 🙂

Daily prompt: Burning down the house 



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  1. Oh dear! I am so sorry to hear about the fire, S n S! I have fallen a bit behind on my reading. I would grab a stack of photo albums and if possible, one of my favorite memorabilia, my Mom’s plate, and if I had five items already but could grab another I would possibly drag one of the special boxes under my bed. If it were only in my apt. I would possibly be able to take this into the hall.
    Really, blessings are to be alive and not lose your purse with identifications and credit card inside. Hugs, Robin

  2. I finally gave up and didn’t do today’s prompt. I just wasn’t interested or inspired. If that’s the best they can do, it isn’t good enough. Between the bad software “upgrades” and the loss of all creative spark and networking, I don’t understand what WordPress is trying to achieve … but they are alienating me. I’ve never felt more like just giving up.

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