Any Advice for Migraine? Suffering badly

Businesswoman with intense stress and painful headache. Woman in job problems.

It’s BAD !  Terribly bad ! Since day before yesterday I’m suffering from this acute pain of migraine. I’m in bad shape.

As you all know it is a recurrent throbbing headache that typically affects one side of the head and is often accompanied by nausea and disturbed vision.

Sorry friends for not liking or reading your posts, now you know I just can’t read or type anything.

I have given lot of advices to migraine patients on what to do and what not to do but somehow when it comes to me I cannot follow it. It comes so secretly that by the time I realize and react I can feel severe pain along with disturbed vision. Eating and sleeping is out of question.

It drains me completely. Doctors has advised me not to sit on laptop or smart phones, surf net and read on computer. How I will do blogging, I wonder. I know many friends including golden oldies who do so many things on computer at this age. They spend hours sitting and working on computer. Doctor tell me it is harmful for eyes and overall health.

Right now it is migraine which is troubling me a lot. Please give any advice to make me get rid of this throbbing headache….

I want to read, write, type more and yet remain healthy. Oh God, Why have I these frequent attacks?



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  1. I don’t think there is a general cure for migraine. either you are prone or not. I am not, although I know I had it from time to time when I was smoking (now almost 30 years ago). My problem is Meniere disease which originates by the pressure in the ears. you get giddy and can easily lose your balance. Luckily it comes in batches and is not permanent. I have tablets, but it takes at least a day for them to react.

  2. Just wanted to add this though you may already do this: Rest in a cool, dark, room, some find ice packs work. I don’t want to give any other advice cause I’m not a doctor just a fellow sufferer. Again, hope you feel better soon.

  3. I am a migraine Patient myself and i get per prescribtion Triptan to ease it off. Ask for sumatriptran for example. Other then that, keep it darf around you and try to relax, might with a cold towel over your eyes and in the neck. Feel better soon 😷

  4. The pain must be terribly hard to endure… Hope some of the suggestions here will work for you. Take care, Rashmi.

  5. There can be many causes of migraine – such as body tension because of poor working posture is widespread and such as overexertion of the eyes – I have a friend who had many problems, but a pair of glasses helped from day to day – best wishes.

  6. I’m sorry. I suffer from migraines too. I am holding out for “change of life”. Last time I had such a bad attack a friend took me to the doctor for a morphine. I had a 60 hour attack (over 3 days) All the best <3

    1. I am feeling much better now. I am so scared of migraines now because whenever it happens I have to stop blogging which I don’t like. Your good wishes are always with me.

  7. I have migraines all the time and they are related to something I ate( certain cooking oils, cheese, chocolate) or after I’ve gone out in the sun. It can also happen if my bowels haven’t moved properly.
    These days what I do is squeeze a stick of ginger and juice it- either along with lemon or just plain and drink it right off. Within a couple of minutes, I feel better, the headache is almost gone.
    Try it !
    Hope you get better soon. Love and prayers !

  8. This is going to be hard for you to believe, but at one time when I was having frequent migraines and there was really no medicine for it, I lay on the bed with a towel over my eyes and just sent currents of energy from the pain in my head down through my arms to my hands…I did this with a gentle but constant concentration…like something was brushing the pain in two directions, away from the headache across my forehead , down my arms and into my hands. I imagined that pain translated into heat and my hands became very warm, the headache faded and I fell to sleep. We were on our way to set up an art show when the migraine hit. A few hours later I woke up and the headache never recurred. We drove on to the show and I didn’t have another migraine for 20 years! I recently had one that lasted 24 hours…I had forgotten my “cure” until now, but if I ever need it again, I’ll try it. I also always carry a tablet my friend assures me will stop the headache if I take it immediately upon noticing the first symptoms…Judy

  9. Just found the name of the medicine. It is eletriptan, 40 mg. In Mexico, it is made by Pfizer and is called Relpax. If you google it you should be able to find out what it is in the U.S. or wherever you live. I haven’t had to take one, but carry a tablet with me always. My friend says to take one when you first notice symptoms. For me it is light distortion–she says the headache will not happen. Only one a day is necessary. Hope this works…Judy

    1. Thank you thank you thank you. How fortunate I’m to have real friends and well wishers. I love you all. I live in India and we have the similar tablet named Sumatriptan succinate Rapid- Release Tablets ( Suminat 50 ) which is to be taken when you first notice the symptoms.

  10. I make a cup of black or orange pekoe tea, take one ibuprophen and one acetaminophen. My school nurse said this was a magic “cocktail” where one softens the nerve endings and the other helps blood flow. I used to love Coke with this med combo. I also turn off lights and put very hot, wet washcloth over my eyes. Xoxo hope you found your magical healing solution, Rashmi.

  11. Hello my dear… I have had migraines on a regular basis at two occasions in my life.. once when I began my menses and again when I ended my cycles.. Pardon me for speaking so bluntly, but I know how painful they are and in my case they were clearly hormonal. Now I have just been looking for cures or help rather and there may be some possibility of relief if you google ” Louise Hay’s, you can heal your headache” There is a description of tapping on your crown, brow, under eye, side of eye, under nose and chin… it is worth a try and it is drugless. All the best, know you have a faithful fan base that will be here when you are well and again able to entertain us with your lovely stories and photos.

    1. I am so overwhelmed to get loads of love and best wishes from you. I will surely surf the net to find out this link and thank you so much for good wishes.

  12. That is so sad to hear..even I have a mild migraine attacks and using smart phones and laptops accelerate it. But as you said , can’t help that. But the I got a pair of glasses , with no power but which eases my eyes while using these gadgets. Hope you get well soon…take care Rashmi !

  13. Hi Rashmi, hope you’re feeling much better today. Do go for a thorough check-up: eyesight and neurologist (just to rule out anything abnormal). Are you doing yoga and meditation? If you are, do continue with it on a regular basis. If the migraines are due to hormonal cycles, yoga and meditation help to ease migraines in the long run. Take care.

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