Philosophy of Leaf


Changing colors, dropping temperatures, pumpkin spice lattes: do these mainstays of Fall fill your heart with warmth — or with dread?

Leaf to me is a symbol of life
First glimpse of spring rife
Leaf is a bliss, it is a dream
Leaf is a wind, crisp and fragile
Weeny, delicate unfurls and agile.images-16

Leaf brings hope, fortune to farmer’s family
Leaf grows, plays, turns into glowing green happily
Yes my leaf,” you are prosperity and my pride”
Swaying rustling, kissing the wind,then glide.

I watched you from golden to green, now red as flower
Enticed to put you into vase, you trembled with fear
“Never pluck me”, you whispered in my ear
I have to quit you one day shedding a tear:

Blustery winds will flutter me far,far from the tree
May I enjoy my youthful days fearless and free
Let me smell a rose, embrace butterflies and bee
Soon autumn will pull me away from glory and thee

Dumbstruck, speechless, totally in awe
I looked at my daughter playing near by
The thought was spine-chilling, Oh time will just fly
She will leave me one day, a bride sweet and shy

A daughter is a bliss, a hope, a dream, a pride
A gift so precious, let her born,grow, bask in sunshine
Leaf to me is a teacher of life, a bliss, a spirit ,a guide
It uplifts my soul to explain me true parables of life


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12 Responses

  1. Nature has so much to teach us if we but listen as you have. And though you don’t have children yet, you understand the preciousness and the joy, and the need to embrace each moment.

    It was wonderful learning about life through a leaf today with you…There are so many things I have not thought of before. Wonderful to view the world through your eyes.

    “It uplifts my soul to explain me true parables of life” ~Marie :0)

    1. It’s always a pleasure to read your valuable feedback on my blogs.Thanks for such a big support.

      Marie I have no daughter but I m mother of two grown up sons.Infact the elder one has joined collage last month.

      . Yes I learn from nature at each step because I mostly stay In isolated places far from urban madness and close to mother nature.

  2. That’s really great. Convey my regards to Ammama. I was waiting for your post. This poem was written when I was in no mood to respond to that day’s prompt. I was disturbed due to a death in the family. Thanks for sharing the link of your master piece.

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