Some people are hub of ideas, love to take initiatives and add value to the brand/organisation, they work. They contribute a lot during their limited time and motivate everyone with their work ethics, creativity and honesty. We can call them true assets of a company. Is it easy for them to sustain for long without a boss who really knows how to hold onto these people without offending the ones who constant potray them as an independent, aloof and non team player ? Not always. Many a times they are told to hold back and stick with the pack who leads as the leaders start feeling insecure with their presence.

There will always be few non performers, old and powerful, seniors or demotivated colleagues who would like to manipulate the enviornment to somehow fix these enthusiastic go- getters who bring new ideas, energy and positivity in the workplace. Their initiative will be disliked by many who like to control things. After all birds of same feather flock together and some are like eagles raring to fly above the clouds due to their sheer confidence and courage.

They would drag them down, lure them into petty politics, defame them just to distract their focus and break their will to innovate. People will isolate these volunteers to manage alone rather than work along like a team simply because they are used to a certain way of functioning, moreover not ready to leave their comfort zone. Unlearn, learn and relearn is not in their game plan.

Rather than extending a helping hand, giving them help, they would be deprived of all resources, cooperation and support. Reporting the same to boss is often termed as ” Ah, that ever complaining attitude” 🙄

In this situation most of the self motivated and capable employees would rather change the work place and keep doing what they like most, yes innovating , creating, contributing and inspiring rather than cribbing, being unhappy or decide to take them head on, taking up fights with the seniors and bosses or surrender to their whims and fancies. Those who remain stuck there will slowly end up losing their independent streak and start having “Let it be their way” kind of attitude.

  So does it mean they remain at loss ? No, in fact they become mentally strong, extremely adaptable and dynamic in nature over a period of time that’s why instead of compromising or adjusting with bullies they prefer their peace of mind. They may not climb the ladder of titles and appointments but they would be the foundation brick of many successful projects. A path leader who paves the road to move ahead.

A healthy work culture and professional growth is what they look for. They can never work for an organization which is not yet ready for contributors, being happy with ‘yes sir yes ma’am’ brigade😀 Career goals may take a back seat but then they will always be admired for their courage, values, ethics and most of all their valuable contributions. That’s more important to people fall in this category…. for my kind at least🙂



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