12 things that define You AS a Strong Soul

At some level, we all aspire to be strong souls with a purpose and a mission, but only those can be called the strongest who have developed or in the process of developing these ten powerful habits:

Life is not easy. It keeps on throwing challenges, twists, and turns. These uncertainties are necessary because it is how we truly grow and evolve into our fullest potential.

The more complicated the challenges, the more we grow as a person and become stronger souls with the experiences.

Subsequently, in the process, it allows us to become more conscious of our abilities, wisdom, and courage, which is instrumental in developing solid habits to view life with an open perspective.

At some level, we all aspire to be strong souls with a purpose and a mission, but only those can be called the strongest who have developed or in the process of developing these ten powerful habits: –

1. Ready to let it go 

Do you know the difference between solid souls and weak ones? The strong ones know the right time to let go, which no longer gives them any satisfaction or purpose. They are optimistic that something new will arrive when we let something go. I have seen many people stuck in toxic work environments; however, they can never quit because they fear unemployment. They keep consoling themselves and others about how important this job is for them, or they cannot let their family suffer due to their decisions. They are too old to set in a new environment. They have no courage to let go of the source of income, even if it drains them out every day. They fear leaving their comfort zones and experiment with new avenues. 

2. Taking responsibility for their well-being

The souls who know the art of creating mind, body, and soul alignment can very well responsibility for their lives. They have full attention over every choice, decision, thought, and feeling that gives them peace of mind rather than financial power.

3. Follow their Instincts rather than follow people

 People having a solid soul respect their instincts and inner voice and use it intelligently to make crucial life decisions. They never ignore their soul voice in place of worldly temptations.

4. Trust their true intentions 

Strong souls trust in the power of the universe and have a tremendous belief that the universe will conspire to fulfill their needs. They trust that there is divine timing and that everything is unfolding at the perfect time, in an ideal way. When my husband hung his uniform before he was due for retirement, most of his friends and well-wishers called it an impulsive decision. They asked him to reconsider his decision before it would be too late, but my husband was very clear from day one about what he did and why he did it. Similarly, I quit my job before my contract was over as I was not too fond of the work culture of a particular place. We both had complete faith in our abilities and the power of the universe. Today, we both have better work scenarios and are compensated well for our efforts. 

5. Community growth 

Those who love to see the growth of communities live to love themselves and all living creatures on earth as gentle and intense souls. They believe in live and let live mantra for life.

6. Embracing the change and exploring more 

Isn’t it essential to be open to change and grab it as a new opportunity to grow? Strength is all about challenging ourselves by stepping out of our comfort zone.

7. Live in the moment

Living in the moment is an art. Learning to live in the present and make most of it uplifts your soul growth because you start shaping your future by controlling your gift. Let us take an example of a teacher who makes her class enjoyable and engaging for students to understand the concepts forever, which will help her give good results and happy parents’ feedback. On the other hand, a teacher who is always scaring students by building up pressure for scoring high marks in her daily subject ruins the present and the future of students and probably doesn’t auger well for her professionally. Therefore, strong souls focus their energy on the present moment and not get too caught up in the past and future, and they can make wise decisions to enjoy peace all time.

8. Keep Self-pride, self-worth at a premium 

Take pride in your actions. You must be sure what you are doing is right, nothing else matters. 

 As a bold and beautiful soul, you will achieve anything if you believe in your worth. This pandemic has wiped off so many big and small business owners’ wealth; however, the rough became resilient and bounced back with new ideas. They did not play safe by doing something which lacked the energy to drive their ambition and motivation.  

9. Taking a stand against wrong even if no one supports

 Consider yourself a strong soul if you dare to take a stand and keep holding your place even if no one supports you in your fight. My husband keeps on reminding me, “When Brave takes a stand, the spine of others is stiffened.” That doesn’t mean going after something with hammer and tong, and there is nothing in this world that discussion and mutual understanding can’t resolve. Most people are diplomatic in this world and want to be in the good books of society, so be ready to fight your battle alone.  

10. Learn gratitude 

Strong souls love to live in peace. Moreover, they need to feel grateful for every big and small experience entering their lives. They are of opinion that gratitude is also the birth of creation and ultimately leads to manifestation for more happiness.

11. Having a great sense of acceptance

These souls have clear vision to accept everyone for who they are and not judge others with a preconceived notion. Strong souls understand that we are all here on our journeys and are doing our best with what we know. There should be no comparison with others in terms of aspirations and capabilities. 

12. Spiritual Growth 

Soul receives its power from core values, spiritual strength, and strong character. Your aura will be vital if you are in some meditation, reading religious teachings, performing daily prayers, or charity. 

These are a few suggestions, which I have shared from my personal experience to possess a strong soul n spirit. I am optimistic that by adopting the habits mentioned above in your life, you can also start strengthening your soul and creating a life that feels good from the inside out.



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