Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge: Garden Knick Knacks

The other day I was sitting in my garden admiring the pleasant weather. Trees were looking so green as it rained in the afternoon. There was no dirt on leaves and flowers were tilted to a side due to heavy down pour. Suddenly I saw my collection of terra cotta knick knacks in my garden. I grabbed my camera, clicked few photos, liked them and couldn’t delete to get rid of them.

These pics really don’t seem to fit into a common category. I think they can be included in this week’s Cee’s Odd Ball Photo challenge: week 29

The elephant and calfs, the bride and groom sitting on a camel as well as the flower vase are great conversations starters with the guests. They often like the mushrooms with holes used as garden lamps.DSC_9988 DSC_9844 DSC_9840DSC_9839 DSC_9722 DSC_9724

Photo 101: Triumph II

My son was won the Best Basketball player of the school trophy, two gold madals, one in football, another in discuss throw and one silver for relay race.

A grand finale of Photo 101 last day. My son is feeling triumphant right now and so are we on his small achievement.

I am so happy that he gave me these pride moments of his successful endeavour in sports, a perfect click for the last day 20: Triumph

Photo 101: Triumph


DSC_4824Triumph is rejoice over a success or victory

Let’s celebrate, good over evil, saint in glory

Lord Ram defeated the ten head Ravana

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????You must have heard this mythological story

All the years gone, tales of battle lost in history

A highly acclaimed asura collapsed in mystery

He nurtured his lust, untamed desire,soaked in power

God enlightened him, brought him out of misery

Clay lamps are symbolic to truth’s  victory

Photo 101: Double

You can also check my first entry double Decker Root Bridge’ and enjoy the adventurous trip to Live root bridges.


Walking On The Edge: Double Decker Root Bridge near Shillong

Hey ! I am back again to talk about live root bridges of Meghalaya. In my previous post I shared my experiences of visiting live root bridges while I was in Shillong.  As I promised to take you to a trip to one of the most magnificent and breath taking live root bridges and this time it is a double decker one !

For those who have not read my previous post’ Live root bridge at Sohra’, sharing little bit about Live Root Bridges: Meghalaya’s double-decker and single-decker root bridges are unique in the world and are a sight to behold. The bridges are tangles of massive thick roots, which have been intermingled to form a bridge that can hold several people at a time.

Live Root Bridges aren’t built, they are grown

Now few words about this one: Continue reading Walking On The Edge: Double Decker Root Bridge near Shillong

Photo 101: Man In The Glass

This is a pic of a bullet ridden glass ……Are these for real? Yes, very much …..  

This is the flip side of the beautiful Kashmir valley. A common sight in this beautiful but terrorist infested state. (though not the entire state) These are for real and part of the daily survival of locals out there. Good news…..Situation is in control and improving day by day.  Steps have  been taken to bring some normalcy in their lives through ballot and not bullet.

Today elections are going on in J& K state. On this occasion I wish them full democracy & peaceful days. 🙂

Photo 101: My Garden Treasure


You are as bright as sunshine

As white as snow flakes falling in line

As beautiful as moon, leaves aligned

As delicate as a newly born child

As youthful as a young bride

As precious as a sea shell on the beach side

You are my treasure, owner’s pride

Stay in my garden as long as life

Be my prize possession I love thine