Of course they both are pets. Not ours. This tiny kitten and docile canine belongs to the couple who are our friends.

This week’s  Serendipity Photo Prompt 2015- 30 revolves around pets. I don’t know much about them as I don’t have one. Not yet prepared to take the responsibility. 

Whatever little time we spent with our friends these two creatures kept on moving around us. They licked our feet, sat on Tarun’s lap since he is very fond of dogs, he had a Pomeranian who died just before our marriage.

They  both never left us for a single minute and we too enjoyed their presence. This Pet photo shoot was done by me while Tarun was busy playing with them. _DSC2304.JPG_DSC2322_DSC2314_DSC2296_DSC2290.JPG_DSC2328.JPG

I must admit this was the first time I stayed with a dog for the entire day and being with him I never felt as if he couldn’t speak or understand our language. In fact they both communicated so perfectly with their gestures and their body language conveyed it all. The waggling tail, the bright eyes, licking and smelling and other signals were good enough to know their state of mind.  So expressive. Just like Amber, Bonnie, Bishop or like Dusty and swiss feline Tabby.That’s all for this week.  



I’m sure majority of countries in this world have a long list of sacrifices made by unsung heroes. The cost of freedom being enjoyed by us today is priceless. It increases our respect for war veterans many folds. Many of them were leading very comfortable and prosperous life. But they had bought pain to gift us the taste of freedom that we enjoy today . We must be grateful to them for their selfless services to their land and the sacrifices made in the process. FUN PHOTOS 052

Similarly, the sacrifices made by Indian soldiers to maintain the territorial integrity of our nation would not have been possible without hardships and against insurmountable odds. World wars under colonial rule were fought. Later as independent nation, Indo-China war, Indo-Pak wars and Kargil attack were testing times and they are alive today to share the glorious stories of the wars. The war veterans must be looked after well. 

The broken country, divided into two.

It is unfortunate that today they have to protest for their rights and do demonstrations to seek attentions of politicians who are busy making fortune and expanding their vote banks. They will only realize it the day enemy will knock at the door. By the time it will be too late. Many soldiers would’ve hanged their boots by then. Many more would’ve return their medals. It is shameful for a country where the war veterans have to remind them about their existence holding banners and shouting slogans.0

The War Cemetery in Kohima, India has the famous inscription, “When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say, For Your Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today”—The Kohima Epitaph is attributed to John Maxwell Edmonds and is thought to have been inspired by the epitaph of Simonides written by Simonides to honour the Spartans who fell at the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC.


The Kohima War Memorial is located in the center of Kohima city, capital of the Indian state of Nagaland, at the location where a decisive battle was won by the Allied Forces during the Second World War, forcing the Japanese army to retreat.1538653_10201394928223094_1430521623_n

In March 1944, the Japanese 15th Army attacked the British troops stationed in Kohima and Imphal in northeast India with intent to prevent an attack on Burma. In the first week of April, the Japanese attacked at Kohima and Imphal via Mizoram from the Indo-Burma border, to destroy the supply bases of the British. They laid siege on the Allied forces stationed at Kohima and also at Imphal.

Reaching Kohima during April 1944, the Japanese 15th Army occupied a strategic location on Garrison Hill and continually attacked a small contingent of the Commonwealth forces, which successfully held their ground until reinforcements were brought in. The war involved hand-to-hand fighting between the opposing forces, the Commonwealth forces prevailed over the Japanese forces and forced them to retreat in defeat resulted in heavy casualties on both sides. This was the turning point for the Allied forces. As told by locals to us, checked on wikipedia. RAMBAN CAMP 167

So many war memorials situated in many corners of our country remind us the stories of bravehearts who never blinked an eye while standing in front of death then why should the Prime Minister have to take so much time to announce OROP ? ( one rank one pension) It would be a perfect tribute for these real heroes of the country. Justice must be done at the first ray of next dawn.

This was my contribution on Veterans Day:  Serendipity Photo Prompt 2015 – 29

Nearly naked Tribals singing in the Rain

Serendipity Photo Prompt 2015 – 28

Today is wednesday. Another fresh prompt to write. The moment I saw the topic “Nearly Naked”  I was reminded of Naga Tribes Whom I met in Nagaland during one of their festivals. I somehow didn’t find a suitable theme to post them. Today seems to be the perfect day to share with you all. 

These tribes belong to Nagaland, ‘The land of Festivals’. Their lives are so different than us. Away from the maddening civilization they nestled in beautiful surroundings of North Eastern Himalayan ranges. They receive plenty of rains from june to september.  DSC_0520

The population of Nagaland is entirely tribal. The Nagas belong to the Indo-Mongoloid family. The fourteen major Naga tribes are the Angami, Ao, Chakhesang, Chang, Khemungan, Konyak, Lotha, Phom, Pochury, Rengma, Sangtam, Sema, Yimchunger and Zeliang.

They all participate whole heartedly in various activities during the annual Hornbill festival and many other seasonal ones. One of the tribes above are un-spoilt children of nature, hard working and unsophisticated. They still live in jungles, hunt and have clan system in their society. The above picture was clicked while I was enjoying a small skit where they showed how they attacked the enemies and seized their territory. Afterwards they sang, danced and celebrated their victory.DSC_0521

There were other tribes too who were showcasing their culture, food and traditions. It was a different world and I enjoyed their hospitality admist the mountains, clouds and rain. It was far better than sitting safe inside, toasty warm, while water pitter-patters on the roof. It was my kind of singing in the rain with Naga people.DSC_0266DSC_0271

The Young and The Rested: Hopefully Soon

2770057-231801-thank-you-vector-stampI am injured, tired and fatigued. My right hand index finger is fractured. 

It happened last Thursday and since then I could not move my plastered hand, my laptop was taken away by my husband so that I might not try to move my fingers as the doctor has advised me not to.

I was tempted to leave comments on your posts but it pained like hell while I tried to logged in.

My right hand index finger got twisted in an attempt to lift the box kept on a high rack. 

It will remain immobile for two more days and hopefully I will be back soon.

Something Happened today……

As I checked my wp app on mobile I found a comment in notification box

Marilyn Armstrong
21 hours agoSERENDIPITY
I just realized it’s been almost a week since I heard from you, so I dropped by to say hi!! I hope you are alright and just on vacation or something fun.

Tears rolled down and my throat was choked. My heart felt so much love for Marilyn. Those who know her, also know her amazing ability of connecting and commenting. She writes such genuine comments that I feel as if she is so close to me…yet so far ! I wish one day we both will chat for long hours in her stylish and warm living room and Garry will make coffee for us while her canines would keep me alert  ( I’m scared of dogs ! But hers are so cute )

In today’s world where your own siblings, children and relatives check your facebook status to know your well-being and just don’t bother to make a phone call, a gesture like this means a lot to me. Cannot express in words how good I felt reading this warm note. I mean what else you want in life? 

People often ask me, “Why do you blog? Do you earn money out of it ? Why do you waste time on people whom you never met  before nor the chances are there in future?” Now they know the answer. I don’t earn big bucks here. 

I earn friends and I EARNED QUITE A LOT OF THEM ! Love you all who missed me. 

I will be back with a bang. My husband was away on official work and has joined me today evening. I requested him to type few lines for me and you know what ! I would surely feel energized and rejuvenated after visiting my favorite blogs so here I come !!!

In response to Serendipity Photo Prompt # 21

Daily prompt: the-young-and-the-rested

A Dialogue with Geese


It’s Frisbee Wednesday again.This is the 20th prompt of Serendipity Photo Prompt. The topic is Geese

I went for my evening walk in the park.

Tired, looked for a bench, it was getting dark

Heard some noise, turned behind, saw a silhouette stark

I first saw a innocent winged creature with feathers as white as clouds

Then came another avian but hers were as grey as thundering mounts

I watched as they both came closer to me, could not resist myself……

“I need not ask you who gets more attention, must be you white beauty no?”

The white goose gave me puzzled looks.

“Why did you ask this weird question? Of course we both are same.

Don’t you see we have same beak, same feathers and we both have same abilities to swim.”

“No I mean….. One of you is fair. we all know

Fairer skin draw attentive eyes, appreciation and feeling of awe

White shines, looks radiant it all about beauty without flaw”

Dark complexion can make you feel less wanted at many places, Don’t you know?

You both are so like each other still very unlikely for this critical world

Now the white goose almost got agitated, she asked, “What do you mean by fair and dark?

For us it is only a matter of color, nothing beyond that.

You humans have weird sense of colors.

 Interpretations different from one another

You created so many flags to recognize different parts of one earth.

For us it is just “the earth”

God created colors, all are different hues of joy, love and light

It was you who interpreted them in different ways to bring plight

” You mean to say you don’t have such issues in your community? How cool ! I sighed.

The geese were shocked hearing this and replied

You mean that white will get the pampering strokes and the black will be pushed to a side?

Well we both get equal of everything and it is just alright

Ah, you egoistic creatures,” Who stopped you to be cool dudes?

Why you guys have to call white, a pretty swan and black,an ugly duckling?

You all look so much alike and yet look so different.” Chirped the black bird.

Shocked and speechless I watched both of them in wonder. What a lesson they just taught me !

Yes, though humans are very different yet we are so much alike

How I wish we live in a world where black is liked by all  AND WHITE IS NOT SO HYPE…………

When you lose a pet

One of Mrs. Marilyn’s dog is no more in this world today. She bid farewell to Nan with heavy heart and teary eyes. 

Though we all knew that Nan had a date with destiny today but still somewhere we all (at least I) hoped that she was gonna alright.

The moment I saw the post  “Bye Bye Nan”  in the morning my heart went all out for her. I felt so much pain. Just could not concentrate on writing. I did only picture posts today.

Not that I am a pet person or I knew Nan. I haven’t even seen her in person but somehow I developed love for pets over a period of time. Who will not fall in love with those furry creatures after reading such emotional posts and seeing beautiful pictures of canines and felines shared by my blogger colleagues. 

Photo credits: Marilyn Armstrong

One of the very reasons I never supported the idea of having a pet in our house and constantly rejected the request of my sons is that I don’t a MESSY house. I have seen my friend’s canine scratching sofa and pawing the leather couch. They tear apart books, chew shoes and I don’t want to deal with scattered toilet paper all over the floor.

Secondly once the pet is in he will be solely my responsibility. My sons will play, sleep, eat with him but his care and bringing up would be cooly left with me. Though yet not ready for it but I know I will bring one sooner or later.

Now when I see the kind of joy and happiness pets bring in human life I feel it strongly that dogs are man’s best friends. They are more than babies. When a baby leaves you forever you feel miserable. The messy house is nothing in front of the bonding they offer in return.

Rest in peace Nan.

In response to Serendipity Photo Prompt: Chai

The daily prompt: Sweeping Motions

From Me to Me: Phoenix

Dear me,

You were a girl ! A girl in her twenties. You wanted to become a bride just to put heena in your hands. In those days you only knew about this art. No one had heard about tatoo.

You applied heena on your hands during your marriage. You knew and appreciated its importance whenever a  festival or a marriage took place at home, applying mehndi by women folks used to seen as prosperity and good omen.

That was your marriage celebration. Beautiful designs which you made on your hands and feet were traditional Indian patterns. It looked as if Phoenix was tattooed on the palm, You know it seemed to me as if it was awakening the inner light. Turmeric was also used for the same purpose but it was used by the elderly women folk of the house. It also considered good omen.

You were so excited ! Running here and there dressed in bright sari and decked up with gold jewelry. I felt like blessing you that according to some legends, the phoenix could live over 1,400 years before rebirth in the same way the positivity of heena would bring happiness and permanency in your relationship with your husband.

So much has happened in last twenty years. You are a mother of two handsome sons who love to draw designs of heena on your palm. This time they would draw Phoenix for sure. How about one with open wings?

Yours lovingly


Here are few designs I got made during festivities. This post is in response to Marilyn’s Serendipity Photo Prompt 2015 # 17: Phoenix and today’s dp prompt: You to you

Sony 518Sony 01510469916_10202956660305420_2102371319143140198_n-2